Divergent lives

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Roundabouts 1968

THAT’S MY child bride on the right when she actually was a child. The other is a sister, one of many.

They lived in a small town in the State of Michoacán.

My child bride became a civil engineer and, at the age of 42, married her first husband, a Gringo.

This sister, who is one year older, never married anyone, had four babies from two men, and lived for many years with a worthless drunk who is now dead.

Divergent lives.

15 thoughts on “Divergent lives

  1. You become what you want to become. One had no goals in life and took what was presented, the other had a career and then when she met you, decided on a different, and no doubt better, path.

    Similar divergencies abound in my family, happily for your immediate one, life is chocolate kisses.


  2. Kids growing up in the same household, having the same parents but often not the same genetic traits, can yield vast differences even though the parenting is the same. Kids internalize what’s happening around them differently and where adversity may inspire a kid to be an achiever, a sibling having the same experiences can exhibit very different, sometimes negative, behavior. Your better half is probably a very good example of just that.


    1. Carole: You are quite correct, of course. As for my wife, I’ve wondered if she was switched at the hospital. Problem is that she was delivered at home by her doctor father, so there was no switch.

      And my sister is about as different from me as is imaginable. Alas, not in a good way.


  3. Oh! The memories we have. Sometimes pleasant sometimes not. Such is life. We were all young once. It’s a great reflection. Thanks.


  4. Two sisters with two dead worthless husbands? (May I, for old time sake, insert “Eggman” here? We miss your reports on his antics.) You certainly got the pick of the litter.


    1. Landslide: The Eggman was married to another sister, not this one. None of the sisters picked well with the exception of the one who picked me, of course. I cannot report on the Eggman’s antics anymore because he lives permanently beneath the floor of the Basilica here in town.


  5. When you think about it each of us grew up in a different family.

    Take yours, for example. You, your parents and a sister. I can’t remember birth order, but that does make a difference. Your sister grew up in a family that consisted of her, your parents and a brother.


    1. Judy: Well, that’s a novel take on things. Actually, my sister’s first 3.5 years were with her parents alone. She claims she remembers the night I was brought home from the hospital … or tent or cave or ditch, wherever I was hatched.


  6. Some people need to be loved so badly that they love people who use them. I think the term is kavorka. The world is full of no-goodniks. Beware and choose carefully.


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