Say what?

CAN’T HELP but wonder what this woman just heard. Her companion at the coffeehouse table was a local “starving artist,” and they were having a very animated chat.

I was at another table with a café Americano negro.

Note the woman’s coat, which provides a clue about our summertime weather on the mountaintop.

This recent edition and other photos can, of course, be found in Felipe’s Fabulous Foto collection.

8 thoughts on “Say what?

    1. Angeline: It can be a fun coffeehouse. I have another photo in the pipeline — scheduled next Thursday, I think — and it’s of the fellow she was talking too, but it was taken today, not when I shot this photo.

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  1. was looking at your other fotos and noticed the one with the crippled fellow and the weight watchers……the crippled one gets around…he was in san miguel within the last month….probably here for a couple of weeks during the vacation season…..seems like i only saw him on the weekends when we are crowded with mexican tourists….interesting…


    1. Memo: We were sitting on a curb awaiting an Easter parade when that guy passed by. With the Weight Watcher crew behind — something I did not much notice till later — it was a great shot, and I took it.


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