Muslim beach bunny

Somewhere beyond absurd.

SCARCELY A DAY passes in which I fail to see a cringe-worthy photograph depicting the abysmal condition of women in the Mohammedan world.

This one, however, contains an extra poignancy.

When I saw the photo, my first reaction was that it must be a beached whale in Zihuatanejo. But it’s not.

It’s a Mohammedan woman or girl. Who can know her age, appearance, anything about her?

The poor creature is trying to enjoy a day at the beach.

The sheeting of women is not in the Koran. It’s a tradition begun later by sand-leaping, scimitar-swinging, bloodletting, towel-headed, camel jockeys who just want to keep their womenfolk to themselves, in their place.

Simple as that. Possessions of the highest order.

It’s no surprise that where actual slavery still exists in today’s world, it’s often in Mohammedan zones.

Mohammedan men’s attitude toward women make the most macho of swaggering, tequila-swilling Mexicans seem tailor-made for banner-wavers in a Gay Pride Parade.

* * * *


And yet in the United States, dimwitted university students and nincompoop faculty stand ready to support Mohammedan cultures while mouthing anti-Semitism that would make Heinrich Himmler puff up with pride.

And 99 percent of them vote for the Democrat Party.

These are the same vacuous people who advocate freedom of choice and claim all cultures are of equal value.

Anyone who truly believes in women’s rights, freedom of choice and equality has to be a cheerleader for Israel, the sole Mideast nation that embraces democracy and religious freedom.

And then there’s the U.S. presidential race with a cackling crook in designer tents facing an arrogant tycoon* with a comb-over who can’t keep his hoof out of his mouth.

I weep for the future.

* * * *

* No matter. I’m still voting for the arrogant tycoon over the cackling crook. Ugly choices must be made. Meanwhile, I continue to mourn for Ted Cruz’s candidacy.

12 thoughts on “Muslim beach bunny

    1. Carlos: Or Jennifer Lopez.

      By the way, your comment went to moderation because you omitted a letter from your name. WordPress is ever vigilant. I corrected it. Invoice en route.


  1. Hmmm, easy for you to vote for the arrogant tycoon. You don’t have to live in this mess of a United States should he win. So move over; do you rent out rooms at the hacienda? But then, with the Donald, if his finger has access to the nuclear button, we’re all toast.


    1. Angeline: The United States is a mess today. It’s not necessary to wait till Trump is elected president. You’re already in a very big mess up there with BLMs, safe spaces, micro-aggressions, political correctness, reluctance to utter the phrase “Islamic terrorism,” ballooning welfare rolls to not just the needy but the well-off (including big corporations), police-hating/killing, women in the Marine Corps infantry, racial obsessions, open borders, utterly spoiled young people, horrific federal debt that grows and grows, jeez, the list goes on and on into infinity.

      And Hillary is the status quo, business as usual. She’s the logical choice for those who want to keep careening down the same ole highway. And that’s not even counting the overwhelming evidence of her corruption, plus playing loose with national security during her time as secretary of state. And the fact that even her fans cannot name one meaningful accomplishment of hers. Can you? She’s an ex-president’s wife, nothing more.

      If nothing else, Trump represents change. He was not my first choice, but now he’s the only choice.

      And Trump is not going to start any nuclear war. That is just plain silly.

      No rooms for rent at the Hacienda, but we’ve got a nice downtown townhouse, furnished, for rent. A special price for you.

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      1. Hoo boy. That post button is almost as good as a nuclear button here. I’ll just say at this point that one of Hillary’s accomplishments is that she is not certifiably crazy. And the messes in the US of A you list cannot be disagreed with.
        That townhouse is sounding very appealing. Gracias.


        1. Angeline: If not being certified nuts is an accomplishment, it’s one that most everyone can put on their list. But, of course, it’s not a noteworthy accomplishment at all. And also, Trump has never been “certified” loco either except possibly at Huffpost, Mother Jones, the DNC, Black Lives Matter rallies, the Oval Office, and other such questionable zones.

          I think Trump figured out early in his campaign, possibly to his own surprise, that his outrageousness was his most valuable asset. He’s no normal politician and it really shows. Though his outrageousness does not sit well with many, myself included most but not all of the time, it has propelled him to the nomination, defeating 16 other more soft-spoken individuals. People have had it up to here with soft-spoken individuals who, when push comes to shove, buckle.

          He’s not crazy. He’s a highly accomplished businessman with an incredible flare to go along with it. I think he’s fun, but he does overdo it at times.

          Meanwhile, your Hillary is just old Hillary, a woman with no discernible accomplishments in her entire life apart from marrying Slick Willie and being whooshed along for quite a ride ever since.


    1. Carole: Excellent news. I had read stories over the past week that France was considering doing just that. Would that all non-Mohammedan nations do the same. I say let the Mohammedan nations fester in their own ridiculousness and ignorance.


      1. Like many Christian denominations that can’t agree with each other on biblical interpretations, so go Muslim nations (or even tribes) regarding what level of coverage women should have to endure. Typically, when extremists are in charge, the more that women are covered.

        What was outlawed in France was more like a wet suit and not like the full tent Burqa that is in the picture Felipe used. The Koran specified modesty, to cover the bosom and genitals. It was the prophet who wanted his wives to be fully covered. (I assume he got all the prettiest).


  2. The truly amazing thing these days is that the Republican nominee is giving speech after speech promising to protect women and LGBTQ people from radical Islamic terror, while the Democrats are welcoming the killers into the tent.

    I never thought I’d live to see the day. Seriously.


    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where we loved your description of the “macho, tequila swilling Mexican men.”

    P.S. And yes, Trump even said “LGBTQ” in his recent foreign policy speech. If nothing else, he’s dragging the Republican party’s social wing into the 21st century.

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