August roof view

ON THE ROOF recently to wipe the rods of the solar water heater, I took this video and snapped the photo below.

I’m a sharing sort of fellow.

At about 10 seconds into the video, you can see what I call the Garden Patio down there with the red water tank. It’s where I keep yard gear. And then at about 23 seconds you can see the solar heater at the left, briefly.

In the photo below, the brick surface is the roof of the kitchen. Farther along, the red tile covers the downstairs veranda.

In the upper right corner is the home of our grumpy neighbors, the ones with the horse, pigs, dogs, etc.

It’s fun to go up on the roof because the view is spectacular, not just the neighbors but the mountains.


The only other video I’ve shot from atop the roof was made five years ago. It’s on YouTube, not Vimeo, and presents quite a different perspective. Plus, it’s got Hillbilly music!

The video was shot very early. That’s morning mist.

That’s all for today. Enjoy yourself.

13 thoughts on “August roof view

    1. Angeline: The state has been compared by some to Hawaii. I’ve never been to Hawaii, so who knows? It’s very sweet here though, especially when the Gringos are sweating through summers above the Rio Bravo.

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        1. Angeline: No, it’s not tropical here, so the comparisons likely refer to the mountains and the rampant greenery during the rainy season. During the dry times, it’s brown hereabouts.


    1. Carole: You forget that the state borders the Pacific so, sometimes, yes. But here on the mountaintop, we just get more rain than usual when the coast gets smacked. Doesn’t happen often. One of the two biggest blessings about my new location is that I don’t get blown to smithereens by hurricanes or die of heat in summers. I suffered both for decades in my previous life.


  1. Lovely spot there on the roof. Why don’t you have a patio up there? I think roofs are one of the truly underappreciated spaces. Here in CDMX, they often are the place where the cuartos de servicio live, something that could better be done on a ground floor.

    I think my fantasy penthouse has cuartos de servicio on the roof. Wouldn’t a roof deck be so much nicer?


    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where the best views take in the volcanoes surrounding the city.


    1. Kim: Never really considered a roof patio. We have one just one floor down already, plus the ground-floor veranda plus the Jesus Patio. Our downtown Casita is a better prospect for a roof patio. A number of the neighbors have already done just that.


  2. How nice having videos to show the view from different points in time. Just curious…Do you recall what lead you to pick “Oh Susanna” as the soundtrack for the older video?


    1. Scott: I don’t remember with certainty. It’s been five years. But I imagine I chose that due to the fact that I live in a working-class, mountainous area. Maybe the Mexican Ozarks. That sounds about right.


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