How dey tawk

PRINCETON UNIVERSITY recently banned the use of the word “man,” one more example of leftist lunacy, especially leftist campus lunacy. It all comes from the crowd that votes for Democrat candidates.

Democrats have long since shot themselves into outer space over words and stuff. From down here in Mexico, watching much of the American scene these nutty days is like seeing a bad Fellini movie.

Though the video above purports to be lip-synced, it’s actually the true version. What you saw on television was lip-synced. It was altered in an attempt to seem sane and win votes.

Trust me on this.

11 thoughts on “How dey tawk

  1. There was a scene in the movie A coal Miner´s >daughter when Loretta Lynn was about to leave home for Nashville to seek her career. Her mother told her if someone says “trust me” she should run the other way.


  2. There’s headline news today about an ABC “Good Morning America” host saying “colored people” for which she had to publicly apologize and hope not to be fired.


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