Gray but cool

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NAT KING COLE sings You Made Me Love You on the music machine as I sweep the veranda on this overcast day.

It’s cool, but it’s ever cool in our mornings.

After the brief trip to Mexico City, it’s nice to fall back into a routine, which is a very relaxed one. At least mine is. My child bride doesn’t understand relaxation.

I understand it all too well — and always have.

Check news on internet. Drink coffee, eat bagels — or sometimes croissants like today — chores, shower, dress — and, in the case of my child bride, wrestle with curly long hair forever — and on Sunday go somewhere, do something.

That something today will be a ride down the mountain to the state capital for shopping and eating. Sunday’s a good day to do this because perpetually unsettled socialist “teachers” normally take that day off. No highway obstructions.

With luck the overcast will clear soon, introducing blue skies. As I head to the shower, Julie London has replaced Nat King Cole on the music machine.

Chet Baker’s warming up in the bull pen.

I hear a train in the distance. And I think I spot the sun.

7 thoughts on “Gray but cool

    1. Angeline: I have a rule that unless color is essential to the purpose of a photo, I use black and white. I make exceptions on occasion, but it’s rare.

      And, of course, in this case, black and white was even more appropriate given the topic of the post.

      Happy listening to Juan Gabriel. He was a talent indeed.

      It’s still gray here. The sun peeked out and then hid again.

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  1. I would like to be cool and relaxed. The cool will likely show up here late October. The relaxed part — well, the child bride and I have something in common.


    1. Ray: I’m betting the cool part will arrive sooner than you expect. All those years I lived in Houston, the first cool front almost invariably arrived on the 20 or 21st of September. Like clockwork. Of course, it often warmed up after that, and the consistent cool did not arrive till later, October or November, but the first cool snap was pretty predictable on those dates. I define cool as 59 degrees or lower.

      As for relaxing, I prefer my approach, almost terminally relaxed, now more than ever. Deep breathe. Ahhhhh…

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      1. Of course you are right. We will have a cool snap in late September, but it won’t last long. My perfect spot would be highs in the low seventies, fifties at night.


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