Independence day


TODAY IS Mexico’s version of the Fourth of July.

Here on the mountaintop, we start partying on the previous evening, and we continue today. I don’t participate much because I’m not party people.

I did salute the flag yesterday evening on the plaza as a police band played, and the banner was brought down for its usual overnight siesta indoors.

That makes the third time since I became a citizen in 2005 that I’ve saluted the Mexican flag. It’s not that I avoid it. I just rarely find myself at an event where it’s appropriate.

I’ll admit it feels weird. Wish it didn’t but it does.

While downtown yesterday, I took the photo while sitting on a cement bench on the plaza. And, of course, you’ll find other Fabulous Fotos by Felipe right here, amigos.

¡Viva México! Bring on the tacos and cerveza.

10 thoughts on “Independence day

  1. We moved to Mexico on September 14th, 2002. September 15th we ended up somewhere near Tampico, as I recall. We stayed in a motel, and at midnight, the celebration began, in typical Mexican style, fireworks right in front of our door… all night. They disbanded at about 5:30. We left that morning and got our timing just right… to hit every parade in every town.

    The second worst driving trip I ever planned. I did, however, learn about no-tell motels later that day. Secure parking, and nobody knows or cares if you are traveling with a dog, the canine variety or otherwise.


    1. Kris: Ouch! What lamentable travel timing. As for no-tell motels, they are one of the better services here in Mexico for the reasons you state. As you may recall, I have one directly next door, our 24-hour, free security service.


  2. La signora looks like her hubby just declared for Sr Trump! LOL! Took Steve’s test and ended up 68% trump, 32% Clinton. I could expect the same reaction from SHMBO. 😂


    1. Dan: I see you left your comment in the dead middle of the night. Had you been into the sauce? It doesn’t relate to the post here. My head is reeling. I also had to Google SHMBO. I am not current with those initial things. And la signora is Italian. Do you see my confusion?

      On the positive side, I am heartened to see you favor Trump. Not as far as I do, but pull the Trump lever in November. It will be a good thing.

      By the way, today’s Moon post deals with Steve Cotton’s political quiz.


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