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STEVE COTTON pointed me to an interesting website that allows you to compare your stances to those of the presidential candidates in a very specific way.

It’s a fun process. You can take a relatively rapid version or you can opt for the extra questions available at the bottom of each category. I ate the whole banana.

trumpMy score shows that Trump and I agree 87 percent of the time. I wonder how I would have stacked up against Ted Cruz, my previous favorite.

Hillary and I are in agreement 9 percent. I’m embarrassed to learn that we agree on anything at all.

hillaryI boarded the Trump Train after Cruz pulled out. I did it initially because he was the only viable candidate still standing against Hillary.

However, The Donald has grown on me.

After taking the quiz and getting your results, there is the option of seeing how each candidate stands specifically on each of the questions. I did that with Trump, and was pleased to see his opinions and mine are incredibly in lockstep.

Trump’s polling numbers have been rising of late, and Hillary’s have been falling. This is heartening.

The Donald is a reaction to the lamentable condition of American culture. I wrote about this phenomenon back in March. We live in unfortunate, interesting times.

Señor Cotton, inexplicably, remains on the fence regarding the Hillary-Trump decision. This is strange because a more stark black-white choice would be hard to find.

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  1. I took the long quiz. Admittedly, I didn’t know some of the jargon in the questions, but my result was 61% Hillary, 33% Donald. I was afraid to see what I agreed with him on. He has no policy, he just makes statements that he doesn’t verify, makes up stories that the deplorables believe, and promises things that he can’t do.

    If elected, he will make America great… the greatest laughing stock in the world.


    1. Kris: And yet you and Trump agree on a third of the issues. Well, the bright spot is that you’re a Canuck and cannot vote. Ha!

      You do parrot well many of the nonsensical, incorrect talking points of the leftists. Oh, well.


      1. Andrés: Not sure what topless Justin has to do with this matter, but the EU began to fall apart, albeit slowly, since its initial day, I think. Brexit is just the first worse example of a chunk falling into the sea, à la glacial pieces due to that “global warming” we always hear about.

        As far as Hillary falling apart, let us kneel and pray that it is so. Rather amazing that the Democrats nominated a woman who’s main claim to fame is that she’s Mrs. Bubba. But then they nominated Weepy Barry, so they’re capable of nominating just about anybody or anything. And then, lots of them wanted to nominate the socialist Bernie. Gadzooks!


  2. I did the short quiz. I was 82% in agreement with Trump’s position on the issues as presented. But it’s not the issues that bother me about Trump and it is the issues that bother me about Hillary. One is a predictably safe bet to avoid a major catastrophe. One is not. What a dilemma!


    1. Carlos: Fear of what Trump will do is overblown by miles, I believe.

      But do you want the U.S. to continue down its present course? Not me. I’m totally on board. His presidency will be interesting.


  3. So what you’re basically saying is that you agree with the Donald’s misogynistic, racist, hateful, homophobic agenda? I am beyond disappointed…


    1. Oh, Charles, do please read something aside from Huffpost, The New York Times, etc., and listen to news other than the Clinton News Network (CNN) and NPR. All those “isms” are simply not so.

      Trust me on this.


      1. Sorry…no can do…too much evidence to the contrary…from many sources…the main source being the Donald’s mouth…


        1. Charles: Too many sources indeed. Those would be the usual cast of socialist circles. Obviously, you did not listen to Trump’s acceptance speech at the GOP convention. It was very good and reflected none of those attributes you mentioned. I bet you’ve never heard a single speech he’s given, just things lifted out of context by your “sources.” Sad, sad, sad.


    1. Andrés: Oh, I pray that you are correct. I kind of feel that way, but then I was utterly convinced — as were so many others — that Weepy Barry would go down in flames in 2012. I don’t have much trust in the good sense of the voting public.

      I think, with Trump’s overhaul of his campaign team, that he will be calmer during the upcoming debate with Hillary. She has little going for her, and Trump’s worst enemy is himself up to now. It’s good news that the debate won’t include the fringe candidates. It’ll just be Hillary and The Donald.


          1. You’re just making sure Trump has a challenge. Make life better for working-class Americans, but move the working-class jobs out of the U.S., so the corporations can make more money for the shareholders. I doubt many shareholders work on assembly lines.

            You can’t have it both ways. Cheaper cost to manufacture means moving jobs offshore. We in Canada have the same problems. People want good pay for unskilled work, and refuse minimum-wage hard work. Illegal immigrants and migrant workers fill the void while able-bodied folk are a drain on social services. Capitalistic point of view? Put them in workhouses? Let them freeze and starve? You know the answer as well as I do. I shop local as much as possible. I only eat imported food if I can’t get Canadian, i.e. vegetables in winter. I pay a bit more for Canadian-made products when possible. Global free trade doesn’t exist for our benefit, but for the benefit of corporate income. Third World and child labor doesn’t lower prices as much as it undermines the North Carolina economy. If you want to make your country successful, you have to be willing to contribute to the economy.

            Voting for someone who has actively operated with offshore production and migrant workers certainly supports P.T. Barnum’s statement regarding underestimating the gullibility of the populace.


              1. Autocorrect got me a couple of times there. Apple and lobster season at the same time here, I guess I’ll stuff an apple in a lobster’s mouth and barbecue it.


                1. Kris: As I mention often, I edit comments when I see typos, which is often. I had not gotten around to your previous comment. You curse autocorrect a lot. Quit using it! I sure don’t because it corrects incorrectly too frequently.


    1. Steve: Yes, but you’re quite capable of voting for one of those fringe candidates. Any vote that’s not for Trump, or simply not voting at all, gives Hillary a leg up. Vote for Trump.


    1. Ms. Shoes: Sure you will. The election will come and go, and in a little time you’ll be dropping pesos in that Gringo-infested, left-wing, clueless burg just like always. But the sentiment is good.


    2. Talk about knee-jerk reaction, another reason to vote for The Donald. I wonder if I’ll get a thank you for the donation I sent him. I guess him winning would be thanks enough, just to be around my lefty friends.

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  4. Societies gain wealth through two methods. The first is to work, save, invest, and produce and sell goods.

    The second method is to take it away from someone else.

    The current U.S. election is a contest between these two systems.

    Social welfare benefits have to be paid for by taxing those that do work and produce or by stealing it from future generations through debt.

    European-style socialism has dominated for so long that our societies no longer have the resources to support it.

    Once someone has been given a benefit, it is really hard to take it away. We see that in Greece.

    But what happens when there is not enough future generation to pay off that debt? Germans have not produced enough children to pay the bills.
    This problem is playing out in all the developed countries. “La familia pequena vive mejor” You can see it written on the walls.

    Germany and other European nations have opted to solve the problem by importing people. Angel Merkel says that there is a place in Germany for these Middle Eastern people.

    Frankly, I feel they have chosen poorly. If those folks were going to produce an economic miracle, they would have done so in their own countries. No, they are drawn to Northern Europe by welfare benefits.

    Will the people of the U.S. opt for free college and other so-called freebies, or will they realize there is no free lunch? I guess we will find out soon enough.

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    1. Well put, Señor Gill. But hasn’t Merkel started to backtrack? She’s certainly backtracked on the overall loveliness of multiculturalism in principle.

      And, yes, the current election is a vote on enterprise versus “free stuff.”


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