Democrats anonymous

Felipe’s first GOP ballot, ready Friday for the mailbox.

HELLO, MY name is Felipe, and I’m a recovered Democrat.

(Audience: Hi, Felipe!)

I was a Democrat for over 60 years. I’d like to blame it on my parents, especially my father who was a flaming socialist, but I think more than anything, I simply was ignorant.

I childishly believed we live in a world that can be perfected. I believed in the efficacy of collectivism, and that government basically worked in our best interests.

(Audience: Howling laughter!)

Yes, I know how silly that sounds, and I am so ashamed that it took me decades to kick the Democrat habit.

I know now that government is good only for basics like protecting our borders, forming police forces, building interstate highways, and so on.

In most areas, government does things badly.

(Audience: Right on, Felipe!)

I’m proud to tell you that this year, at the age of 72, I voted Republican for the first time.

(Audience: Wild cheering!)

I had begun to doubt the Democrat Party in 2008 after learning of Barry Obama’s 20 years of sitting in his Chicago pew listening to the rants of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, especially when Wright “damned America.”

We all know how fast the Democrat Party muzzled Jeremiah Wright. I sat out the 2008 presidential election.

By 2012, Barry Obama’s colors were blatantly obvious. I would have cast my first Republican vote that year, but the absentee ballot never made it to my mountaintop.

The ballot came this year. I checked the straight GOP ticket, and sent it Friday by registered mail.

(Audience: More wild cheering!)

Yes, I voted for Donald Trump!

(Audience: Goes berserk. Men stomp feet. Women weep.)

(Moderator: Thank you for sharing, Felipe. And now let’s all move to the rear of the hall for donuts and coffee.)*

* * * *

* The coffee and donuts turned out to be stale, but I hear it’s always that way.

36 thoughts on “Democrats anonymous

  1. You never recover. It’s an attack of the DTs (Delerium Trumps). Ted did not “get on the bandwagon full-blast.” He said he was going to vote Republican. Look back at the things Trump said about Cruz’s father, his wife, and Cruz himself. If anybody said those things about your wife and you, would you back him “full-blast”? Don’t make Donald call you a liar now.


    1. Kris: When I say Cruz is backing Trump full-blast, I am thinking of his weak “endorsement” some while back, which drew lots of flak from Trump supporters because Cruz did not mention Trump specifically. Now, he’s saying out loud that he will vote for Trump. I grade that as full-blast by comparison.

      Cruz is putting aside his perfectly understandable anger at some of the overboard things Trump said during the primaries about Cruz and his family. Trump should not have said those things, but Trump is Trump, for better or worse, and, thank God, he is not Hillary.

      Cruz ended up being Trump’s strongest opponent, and his support for Trump now is important. Cruz is putting the national interest above his personal feelings for Trump. I applaud him for that. He’s probably a bigger man than I would be under the same circumstances.

      I hold grudges.


      1. He’s voting the Party Line, I think, only because he is playing for four years from now.

        I don’t usually hold grudges, but that was the kind of berating that would usually deserve the speaker having the 1st amendment, carved into a stick, repeatedly being introduced to his head. Not fit for criticism of a political opponents. I expect a reasonable level of decorum from someone running for high office.

        On the other hand, I think that Hillary’s use of “deplorables” was appropriate, just not the 50% part.

        I strongly defend your right to vote against Hillary, but I can’t understand your representation of Trump as a worthy president. He is slightly above Maury Povich and Jerry Springer on the believability scale, but Jerry is a more articulate. They do, after all, attract the same followers.


        1. Kris: You may be right that Cruz has his eye on 2020. Trump is, of course, 70 years old right now.

          And you will never hear me defend Trump’s words against the Cruz family. He was completely over the line. But he won the nomination, did he not? And now he’s the only thing keeping Slick Willy’s wife from being president.

          Your comparing Trump, however, to Povich and Springer, however, just tells me what news sources you regularly visit.

          As for your being on board with Hillary’s deplorable “deplorables” remark, that makes you sound like one of those swells who fly from coast to coast looking out the window of the Learjet at the yahoos who live below, marrying their cousins and making moonshine. Here, for your edification and education, is what an actual deplorable looks like, and she’s from your end of the political spectrum:


          1. I have a friend who lives in Mexico, who has a law degree along with two other degrees. (from good U.S. universities) The only things he watches on TV are “Days of our Lives,” Jerry Springer and Fox News Channel. He worked for Richard Nixon, both while he was president and after. He has been a Republican all his life, and he thinks Trump is scum. It makes no difference what statement you want to make, you can find a source on the internet that promotes it. I form my opinions from what I see and hear, and from what level of intelligence I possess, not by searching for head shots and news bites that agree with the opinion I have.

            I watch Trump supporters and staff, and the same on the Democratic side. It is unfortunate that politics has sunk to the level that it has, where decent people don’t want to be involved because of this kind of behavior, but it has.

            I take offense at the moonshine crack though. I have friends who make it. I haven’t stepped up to that yet, I just make wine. As for marrying your cousin, if you want to keep the bloodline clear, you shouldn’t stray far from home. Over and out.


            1. Three things, Kris: 1. You are not allowed to take offense on the Moon. This is a no-offense-permitted safe space. 2. I imagine Canadian moonshine is made with maple leaves. 3. I think you are quite right that far fewer decent people want to get involved in politics these days, and that is very bad. I blame my old occupation, the news media. In the old days, reporters used discretion when choosing what to report. For instance, quite a few Americans during his presidency did not even know that FDR was wheelchair-bound. He did not want it advertised and reporters respected his wishes. It was not, after all, relevant to his job in any big way.

              These days, there is no limit to the amount of dirt that will be publicized about candidates. And the internet makes finding dirt a million times easier than before. The upshot of this is that many qualified and good people simply will not put themselves and their families in harm’s way. Almost everyone has a skeleton in the closet. So we now have more ne’er-do-wells running for office, percentage-wise, than ever before. This is all very bad.


  2. Williamson County sent my ballot on Thursday, and I’ve never been happier to vote. With the exception of about a decade, during which I even ran for office as a Democrat, I’ve been a lifelong Republican. And I come from a long line of Republicans.


  3. Does Texas offer the option of checking one box to vote a straight ticket? I have always found that option to be interesting. We had no such thing in Oregon.

    As of today, I still do not have my absentee ballot from Nevada. But my memory is that there is no straight ticket option — other than ticking each box individually. I am looking forward to casting my vote in the seat Harry Reid abandoned rather than face defeat. I would have liked to have cast a vote for his opponent. Now, I will simply do it symbolically.


    1. Señor Cotton: Yes, I checked just one box, the straight GOP ticket. My ballot was emailed to me, and I had only to print it out, including the “envelope,” which turned out to be a sheet of paper I had to wrap around the real envelope before signing outside on the back. It was not very practical.

      I hope you’ve ended your doubts and will do the correct thing in voting for The Donald. Any other action, as I never weary in pointing out, just helps Hillary, and we dang sure do not want to do that, do we?


  4. I just mailed my absentee ballot yesterday as well…my vote should effectively neutralize yours. Hoping that you recover soon from your temporary bout of insanity…


    1. Gracias, Carole. As the Dangerous Faggot Milo points out, if Hillary wins, the U.S. will continue down the same rabbit hole as Europe, and we sure do not want that. It’s the rabbit hole of irrelevance on the international scene.

      You likely have not been following the Dangerous Faggot tour. I have, and it’s quite fun. He spoke at Florida State University just last night:


  5. There are some who have suggested if Ted Cruz did not wind up endorsing the Donald that he would have effectively ended his political career. I tend to think that is the real reason for his endorsement, though there is no concrete proof of that.

    This will be my first election since moving to Texas in 2012, that I will not be voting a straight ticket. Johnson/Weld for the top spot and Libertarian for other offices where a candidate is running. Otherwise it’s Republican.


    1. Oh, Scott, get a grip. Voting for Johnson does absolutely nothing except help Slick Willy’s wife. And did you know that Johnson is on board with the violent Black Lives Matter?

      One wonders if Johnson knows that while, yes, lots of blacks are being shot dead in the United States, it is not cops or even white people shooting them. It is other blacks.


      1. Felipe: I dislike and don’t trust HRC and post against her frequently. So much that some lifelong friends currently don’t speak to me. Lies and scandals as far as the eye can see and for as long as I can remember. I’m an IT guy who among many other duties has administered an email server. Don’t even get me started on that one.

        I dislike and don’t trust DJT only slightly less than HRC. Forrest Gump might say that he, “is like a box of chocolates”. You know the rest of that one. It’s hard to tell from one day to the next. I can’t vote for someone I don’t like, even for the lesser of two evils reasoning.

        Sadly, I think it’s a foregone conclusion who is going to win, whether I was to vote for Trump or not. Even former Presidents Bush and Bush aren’t voting for him.

        As for BLM, I hear ya. Bill Whittle’s video from a few weeks ago says it all. But there may be additional context from J/W that isn’t shown on a 23 second video. I usually don’t give short sound bites much credibility.

        I don’t agree 100% with anyone’s positions, but I am more in line with the Libertarian candidates than any of the others. And for once, I am voting with my conscience and not just a party line.


        1. Scott: One issue alone should compel you to vote for Trump. Hillary will appoint left-wing Supreme Court justices. Probably will have the opportunity to insert four of them. Trump won’t do that. He has flatly stated he’ll appoint people like Scalia.

          You want more Sonya Sotomayers making U.S. laws?


      1. He certainly needs to bone up on foreign relations and I do think he concentrates on America’s issues before thinking about other countries (which is not necessarily a bad thing considering how screwed up things here). I can certainly see that how is fodder for you and the media to pounce on. Considering all he’s had to do in such a short period of time, I’m amazed he can remember his own name. But none of the others are perfect either.

        HRC “short-circuits” and panders and flip-flops and thinks laughing is answering a question. And DJT, well, he can’t make up his mind on many things such as whether he has a relationship with Putin or not, or tries to deny right after the debate that he said he was smart for not paying federal taxes (talk about a nincompoop). I have OAN news running in the background frequently and they live broadcast pretty much all of the rallies for HRC and DJT (he has way more) and with little exception they just drone on and on.

        As for BLM, I don’t believe it to be a presidential defining issue. The federal government isn’t going to be able to solve that one.

        I am still going with a party that is even talking about important things like submitting a balanced budget, pushing for term limits, strong support for the Constitution, civil liberties, reducing federal spending (there’s yet another government shutdown fiasco going on right now–a bill to continue spending more than we have), lower taxes, Internet freedom and criminal justice reform. That is the point. If I were to vote for Trump and he loses (which again, I believe he will) then I will have really wasted a vote.

        Today, one of Detroit’s major newspapers (the conservative one) just endorsed Gov. Johnson instead of the Republican candidate, which they had done for 143 years.


        1. Ohhhh, Scott, is there nothing that can be done with you? Most of the issues you mention — balanced budget, the Constitution, civil liberties, reducing federal spending, lower taxes — are Trump’s issues. They certainly are not Hillary’s or the Democrat Party’s. To a large degree, the Republican Party has failed on those issues too, miserably. Trump is a third thing altogether, even though he’s running under the GOP flag.

          Again, not voting for Trump just helps Hillary. Cut and dried.


  6. I took the I Side With extended quiz and came out aligning myself 97% with Trump. However, I cast my ballot today for him only as a vote against Hillary. Once again, for me at least, a vote for the lesser of two evils.

    We will take our ballots to the U.S. Embassy in Guadalajara to be mailed in. Do you mail your ballot by regular mail through the Mexican Postal System? Gimme the pros and cons from your viewpoint, please.


    1. Jeff: I am delighted to hear of your Trump vote. As for his being the lesser of two evils, I thought that too when I first boarded the Trump Train, which I did due to their being no other viable alternative to Slick Willie’s wife, but Trump has grown on me. I know all that racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic business is arrant nonsense. There is too much evidence to the contrary.

      Trump’s prime defect for me is he can speak before he thinks, but nobody is perfect. He also has an arrogance problem, but I absolutely love his willingness to stick his finger right in the eye of political correctness. How refreshing is that? Even establishment Republicans lack the pelotas to do that. They are pansies. And people say he’s not really a Republican, a charge I agree with, but I do not find it a minus but a plus. Establishment Republicans like Romney won’t support him, and reportedly George H.W. Bush is going to vote for Hillary, for God’s sake! Trump is a whole new political animal, and I’m glad about that. I am not really comfortable thinking of myself as Republican anyway. Perhaps President Trump will rename the party, kick out the dinosaurs, and start as fresh as possible.

      As for mailing your ballot, I recommend you let the Mexican post office send it. Ask for the registered mail service. That’s what I did. They’ll give you a number that will enable you to track it to the Mexico City airport:

      Then you can pick it up in the U.S. with the USPS tracking service that accepts Mexican tracking numbers:

      It will get there, and it sure beats the cost and bother of driving to Guadalajara. I mail my Social Security letter back to them every year using the registered mail of Correos Mexicanos. It always gets there.

      As for the quiz, it’s amazing that you and Trump see eye-to-eye 97 percent. He and I were about 10 percent less in lockstep. Why on earth would you consider him just the lesser of two evils when you clearly are political soulmates?


      1. Well, Trump can sure enough tickle ears with his position on issues and has indeed succeeded in tickling mine. But the arrogance you alluded to gives me reason to hesitate to back him totally. If I’m wrong and he follows through on his promises (the wall, restricting Muslim immigration, deporting illegal immigrants, etc.) I’ll be the first to admit the error of my ways.


  7. It took you that long to abandon the Demon-crats? I was for years unhappy where the party was going. The election cycle of 2000 was the straw that broke Hubby and I. We changed our registration to Libertarian. He was a registered Republican and me a Democrat.


    1. Judy: I can offer up no excuses for my holding onto the Democrats for so long. In my family, going back generations, we were Democrats. I simply did not think about it much. It was a given, and truth is that the huge difference between left and right that we see these days is relatively new, and it was mostly formed by the political correctness phenomenon and victimization mindset that the Democrats embrace with such a evil vengeance. The Republicans who give it lip service do so out of fear, and it’s a justified fear. Whether Trump is a heartfelt Republican or not, and I have my doubts, he will give a raspberry to PC at every opportunity. Bless him. He believes in liberty.

      So you’ve both registered as Libertarians. I sure hope that doesn’t mean you’re going to vote for that BLM-embracing, Trump-spoiling, faux “libertarian” Johnson. He’s no more libertarian than my ole Aunt Bessie. A vote for him is just helping Hillary.

      Do the right thing.


      1. We both registered Libertarians as protest to the two parties. In all actuality, we are both independents, voting the person not the party.

        The only bad part about not being registered with either party is you can’t really vote in Kansas primaries. We would go through the candidates on each ticket and I would vote for the Democrat we thought would do the best job and he would do the same on the Republican ticket. Then, in the general elections vote for the best person left standing.

        I will not be voting for Johnson cause I don’t like what I’m seeing with him. I don’t like Trump because I think his big mouth is going to write checks the US can’t cash. If Slick Willy’s wife was the only name on the ballot I would have to write in None-Of-The-Above. This election cycle I’m having a tough time holding my nose and pulling the lever for anybody.


        1. Judy: That old saw about voting for the person, not the party, holds no water these days if it ever did. The party one is affiliated with these days speaks the proverbial volumes. It does matter, a lot.

          Hold your nose and vote for Trump if for no other reason than the Supreme Court vacancies that will open. That is supremely important.


    2. P.S. And the huge gap between left and right that now exists is due far more to the Democrats moving left than to Republicans moving right. The Democrat Party has veered off into leftist lunacy, and many who still vote Democrat out of habit have not clearly seen that nasty fact. Lots of Democrat voters are clueless, particularly the older ones who still think the Democrat Party is that of JFK or FDR.


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