Morning art


SUNDAY MORNINGS my child bride slows down for a few moments. Idleness is contrary to her nature.

After bagels and Philly cheese at 8, we often take our cafecitos into the living room and plop atop the scarlet sofa.

That’s where I get an earful about her relatives. Since I have no idea what my relatives (just two alive now, above the Rio Bravo) are doing, I cannot reciprocate.

The son of a nephew here in town turned 6 yesterday. There was a fiesta with hot dogs. She went. I did not.

I noticed the far wall, which was lit by sunshine coming through the large dining room window to the left.

The camera was nearby, so I shot this photo.

The artwork we purchased some years ago from a fellow who walked into a downtown restaurant carrying it. He was the artist, and he was looking to sell. It’s a local scene.

It shows our lake, our beautiful mountains, and that’s how the indigenous women hereabouts dress.

The parrot, which is papier-mâché, was also purchased locally, but in a nearby village. The bird is large, and he keeps a vigilant eye on the living room 24/7.*

These Sunday morning sessions can vary in length. Today’s was relatively brief but — as always — nice.

* * * *

* I like to sound hip now and then. Does anyone even say hip anymore? Having to ask lowers my hip status, I guess.

15 thoughts on “Morning art

  1. Oh, you are definitely a hipster, my friend. If you look up the term hipster in Online Wikipedia you would see an image of Mr. Zapata pondering dutifully at his café, idly sipping a cafecito as the world streams by.

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    1. Mark: I felt that it was so, and you have confirmed it. Gracias.

      Along those lines, I think I’m getting closer to actually buying a motorcycle. I think first I’ll buy two helmets. That should shove me further along. I recall getting the Harley-Davidson in 1977 began with the gift of a Harley key ring.


    1. David: So hip is retro now? Well, that makes sense, I guess. It has been around as long as I have. Longer, I am sure. And you’re right about groovy. Don’t hear that one anymore, thank God. R.I.P.

      As for the house, thanks again. It’s a nice place to live.


  2. LOVE the artwork, my friend! As you may or may not know I am a parrothead (Jimmy Buffet fan) so anything with a parrot is great in my opinion!

    I wish we were closer to the same age, my friend, so we could enjoy retirement together, getting to know each other’s stories, but alas I must be restricted to hearing yours here. (Which is great entertainment, but I wish it was in person.)

    Have a great week, Felipe!

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    1. Mike: I was a parrothead too when I was about your age. I really like Jimmy Buffet still. He is a good writer too. Have you read any of his books? However, the parrothead atmosphere lends itself more to the beach, not up here on the mountaintop. Everything has its place.

      Yes, I suspect we will never enjoy retirement at the same time unless you retire quite early, as I did, or I live quite a long time, and I’m not sure I want to do that. Depends.

      You enjoy your week too, señor.


  3. I like the post. But parrot head. That is a Macaw, papagallo is another name. Saludos and get a scooter. You’re too young for a Harley.


    1. Carlos: Macaw, eh? Looks like a parrot to me, but I’ll take your word for it. Papagallo was the name of a famous bordello outside Nuevo Laredo decades back, or so I’m told. I wouldn’t know personally, of course.

      As for the bike, scooters are too small for me. Have to be something heftier. I’m still pondering the possibilities.


  4. I remember the bordello but was never a customer either. It was famous according to Wolfman Jack, the radio voice from Villa Acuña. But a Macaw by any other name is still a Papagallo (Shakespeare). There are some macho scooters out there, but really, do you need a penis-extender.


    1. Carlos: Actually, I have been in the Papagallo, more than once, but the only thing I bought was booze. The fellows I was with got a bit more involved. Wasn’t aware that Wolfman Jack howled its name.

      Scooters simply do not fit me. Uncomfortable. And the newer ones, what’s with the seat angling forward at about 45 degrees? Looks silly.


  5. At your age, if you buy a hog to ride, you might quite often hear the word hip in a different context. Like hip replacement, broken hip or hip surgery. It’s your life señor, choose wisely.


    1. Jeff: You’re right, of course. Would be a stupid idea. But I’ve done so many stupid things in my life, and I’m still upright and breathing. I’ve been mulling this since last May. I’ll probably be mulling it next May and the May after that and …


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