Engagement dinner


SUNDAY SAW us in the nearby capital city on a shopping spree. When we returned in late afternoon, and after putting the purchases away, we took a walk down to the plaza and sat on a steel bench a spell. I took this photo.

Last night we missed the presidential debate because, yet again, we were in the capital city. The purpose this time was to attend the engagement dinner of a niece.

She was already “showing,” as they say.

The event was in a rented party salon, a popular approach here when fiestas are too big for someone’s home. The salon was in a shady part of town, and we played hell finding it.

The father of the groom looked in a bad mood, and the father of the bride did not attend due to being dead.

The meal consisted of cream-and-cheese-sopped pasta and chicken parts swimming in some sort of salsa.

The music blared. The floor was old concrete, and the walls looked like they were last painted in 1944. Faded crepe paper hung limply along one wall to provide a festive air.

We stayed just two hours, drove back up the mountaintop, fixed salads for supper, and that was it for the day.

From what I read, the presidential debate was a wash.

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  1. A number of years ago, we missed the third wedding of a sister-in-law, to go to the wedding of people we liked. This summer, we went to the wedding of a first cousin, having been invited by her sister, who hosted the wedding. Cousin the bride had no idea who we were, and hadn’t been told we were coming. No matter, we said hello and left after the ceremony to go to a Korean restaurant, so it ended well. Gotta love family.
    Hope it wasn’t dark when you drove home, I hate driving after dark. Once, on the way from said Capital to the lakeside city, we encountered a tractor-trailer reversing up the highway because he had missed the exit for the bypass. Gotta love Mexican drivers too.

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    1. Kris: Yes, it was dark when we drove home up the mountainside. Like you, I prefer not to do that, but there was no alternative.

      And months ago we were on an curving off-ramp from the autopista when we rounded a curve to encounter a car backing up due to having taken the wrong exit. That took some rapid braking on my part. Luckily, it was in daylight.


      1. Highways, and for that matter any roads in Mexico, are where they should test the self-driving cars. Not for the faint of heart, or for those who don’t pay attention.

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  2. Glad you found the place in that area of town. I hate going to places out of town because most of the time the directions are lame. Then I make the mistake of asking someone and get 5 different answers from 5 different people.

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    1. Tancho: A more modern individual would have dialed it into his GPS, and gone straight there. I don’t have a GPS, but I did find the place on Google Maps and printed it out before we headed out. The problem arose due to the absence of street signs in the area. Finally got there but not before quite a bit of cursing.


    1. Gracias, Señor Goodson. I hope Trump can keep focused in the next debate and not let himself get baited so easily. I wish he were more like Newt Gringrich who nailed a CNN moderator to the wall in that 2012 (or was it 2008?) debate when the moderator asked some asinine, irrelevant, personal question.

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