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cameraVIDEOS ARE not my main thing, but I’ve done them, and maybe I’ll do more.

I have lots of videos from years past in a couple of internet corners. Links are elsewhere on this page.

Recently I discovered a video host that I like, and I opened a free account and inserted 10 very brief movies from those olden days that collectively provide an accurate flavor of life here on my Mexican mountaintop.

They are the wheat filtered from the chaff.

Small world: In the first video there is a blonde woman sitting at a café table. Her name is Robyn, and she was my bartender at a Decatur Street dive in New Orleans in the 1970s.

Her being here and my being here are totally coincidental. However, she’s only a part-timer on the mountaintop. I, on the other hand, am a permanent fixture.


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    1. Ray: I take neither photos nor videos with my cell phone. I don’t even know if my cell does videos. My phone is for calls and messages. The videos were taken with digital cameras I owned previously to my current, big, fat Canon. I’ve not taken any videos with the Canon because I rarely carry it. It’s heavy. I currently have en route, as we speak, a smaller camera, a Fujifilm Finepix, on its way to me. Maybe I’ll start doing some more videos after it arrives.

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      1. Let us know how you like the Fuji once you’ve used it a bit. I’m ready to give up my big camera. It’s a bridge camera, so no lenses to cart around on my travels, but still too bulky. I love my iPhone camera.


        1. Angeline: Bridge camera. Never heard that term. So that’s what my Canon is because its lens is not interchangeable. It’s a really good camera though, and 99 percent of the shots in my Flickr website were taken with it. You cannot slip the Canon into a pants pocket, however.

          What I have en route is a Fujifilm Finepix F850exr. The first camera I bought after moving to Mexico was a Finepix. I thought it was great, so I’m optimistic about my new one. Though a pocket camera, it has a 20X zoom, which is mostly why I bought it. The zoom.

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  1. Enjoyed the videos, especially the street parade, the old-fashioned wedding and the drummers. What are you shooting with? And which video host was best for you? I noticed the first couple were halting, while the ones below them were very smooth, but I don’t know what sequence they were shot in.


    1. Bliss: I shot them with previously owned cameras. I don’t recall now what they were. See comment above to Ray. The videos don’t halt for me, so I think it could be your internet connection. Who knows? I have videos on YouTube and Vimeo. I don’t like Vimeo much, and this new one seems easier to me. It certainly uploads faster. I don’t put stuff on YouTube anymore. It’s pokey and has too many rules and regulations. It’s like living in New York City or Singapore.

      The videos on this new site have no sequence to them.


      1. When I opened the videos page, I noticed that all of the videos were “auto-play”. That certainly caused halting performance, at least, on my airborne Internet connection. I went and paused all but the one I wanted to watch.

        Don Cuevas


        1. Don Cuevas: It’s not the clearest thing in the world, but if you scroll up till the banner photo at the top vanishes, you’ll see at the far top right a button to turn the autoplay on and off. Should be more clear, and it only appears after the banner totally rises above the top. Go figger.


  2. Our first digital was a Kodak EasyShare, which was a good camera at the time, not high pixel count, and it wasn’t optical zoom. Now a Fuji, but not a small box, more like an SLR, which does get carried around much.

    Not as many pictures taken out on expeditions now.


  3. Hey Felipe. Nice vids! Thanks for sharing.

    As we have discussed in the past, we now shoot vids (daily) with our Kodak EasyShare that has 5X zoom. We find it compact and very easy to pull out and start shooting with 5X being plenty of zoom for our needs. This replaced a real bulky Toshiba 10X Digital cam and before that a Fuji FinePix. Both of the latter two were constantly in the shop for repair and weren’t at all user friendly.


    1. Thanks, Jeff. I’m here to serve. For me, the more zoom the better. My Canon goes up to about 45X, but it’s a pain to lug around. This new one en route is a pocket camera with a 20X zoom. I’m anxious to see how that pans out. The reviews were mostly positive.

      Funny about your problems with the Fuji FinePix. The one I used for a few years, long ago, never gave me a lick of trouble. I hope that run of luck continues with the next one.


    2. PS: The Fuji en route was purchased on MercadoLibre. It’s the second thing I’ve bought there. The first was my cell phone a few months back. MercadoLibre is a great service. Highly recommended.


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