Lunch at Tapimba

Cabin across the way from Tapimba.

THERE ARE two, large, high-mountain lakes hereabouts. One I can almost see from our upstairs terraza.

Tall trees impede the view.

The other, Lake Zirahuen, is about 15 miles away. We traveled those miles in the Honda on Sunday to lunch at Tapimba where we’d eaten only once before, about a year back.

Open-air dining room at Tapimba.

The restaurant serves a killer plate of arrachera, and that’s what drew us, that and the spectacular setting.

Entering the dining room, we noticed we were the only customers with the exception of three beautiful babes, just to the left of the photo above. They were models.

It’s a good thing Donald Trump wasn’t there. Or Bill Clinton. The gals were totally safe with me, of course. I had my child bride who provided stiff competition, beauty-wise.

The models were with two fellows who were setting up camera equipment on an old, covered dock just below the restaurant. While we were still eating, the models joined them and began doing those silly poses that models do.

But we went for the arrachera which was, as Mexicans say, “well-served” with a big glob of guacamole and a baked potato. You don’t see baked potatoes often in Mexico.

We won’t wait another year to visit Tapimba again.

4 thoughts on “Lunch at Tapimba

  1. There you go again! First, in an earlier post, was the view of the lake that you can *almost* see from your upstairs terraza. Now it’s three beautiful models who are to the left of the photograph. But we are not privileged to view them. Lake nor models.

    Oh, the torment!

    Don Cuevas


    1. Don Cuevas: Follow the link in the post, and you see Lago de Zirahuen, which is quite nice.

      After we finished eating, we walked down toward the pier, and I took some shots of one of the gals posing, but they did not turn out well. Too dark.

      Guess you had to be there.


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