Just never know


SITTING FRIDAY at a sidewalk table downtown, nursing a nice café Americano negro* and reading Ernie Pyle’s excellent Brave Men, I heard a racket coming down the street.

It was a small parade. I have no idea what the occasion was, but I did whip out my new Fujifilm Finepix 850exr, a sweetheart of a camera, and snapped a few shots.

Living here is great because you never know what you’ll see next. A companion shot can be found here.

* * * *

* I love typing this accurate Spanish phrase. Were I to do so while a student at an American university, I would handcuffed, tried by a kangaroo court and expelled.

14 thoughts on “Just never know

  1. For some reason, I stopped carrying my good camera with me on my outings. My telephone camera was always with me, but it does not produce the images my camera does. You have inspired me. Two days ago, I started hefting my backpack about. We will see if any results ensue.

    By the way, excellent photograph. Jack would be proud of that shot.

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    1. Señor Cotton: I know full well why you stopped carrying your good camera. It’s the same reason I stopped carrying my Canon and bought the much lighter, but amazingly good, Fujifilm Finepix. The good camera is a pain to carry. It’s heavy. It’s a real dilemma.

      I hope Jack would be proud. He recommended the Canon to me. R.I.P.


  2. I am surprised you can photograph people in public. Now days it seems as if everyone takes offense at being in someone’s photo. I always try to make sure no stranger is in the background.

    People seem to think they have a right not to be photographed.


    1. Señor Gill: That is the beauty of zoom lens. Of course, in the case of today, the young lovelies were in a parade. You can hardly assume no one is going to photograph you while you’re sashaying in the street.

      I don’t know if there is any law on this matter in Mexico, but in the United States you can be photographed legally in public.


  3. I know that, but it seems like a lot of people don’t. Lady: “Did you take my picture?” Me: “No, I don’t take pictures of ugly people.” It then went downhill from that.


  4. I get lazy and just take my phone camera, to the disappointment of the end result. I leave my good camera at home, sadly not used except to gather dust. I think I’ll grab it along one of the next days and snap a few photos of how they are suppose to look. Thanks for the motivating.


    1. Tancho: I’m here to serve. Don’t mention it.

      Seems like everybody is going the easy route with phone cameras. My phone has a camera. I don’t pay it no mind.


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