Pray for Europe

ENCOURAGING multiculturalism is a very bad idea.

You see it in the growing strife across the United States. The Trump-Hillary conflict is at heart a conflict between multiculturalists and nationalists.

The antonym of multiculturalist is nationalist.

As Europe is bludgeoned into multiculturalism by screwball governments, you see growing strife there too.

And violence.

People of different religions, beliefs, languages and race do not sit comfortably in the living rooms of their opposites. In a perfect world, they would sit there comfortably, sharing tea, crumpets and conversation, but that world doesn’t exist.

Borders have always existed.

Tearing them down is a fool’s endeavor.

The Iliad Institute, formed after the suicide of a French nationalist named Dominique Venner, made the above video, which celebrates the distinctive history of Europe.

It’s a mindset that America should encourage.

Mexico does not celebrate multiculturalism. We celebrate Mexicanism. We are nationalist. That’s good.

8 thoughts on “Pray for Europe

    1. Clete: Quite correct. I have absolutely failed to assimilate, and I never will assimilate. Hell’s Bells, I didn’t really assimilate too well when I lived above the Rio Bravo either.

      However, I do have Mexican citizenship, so “we” is appropriate in this case. I am Mexican while not being Mexican all at the same time. Go figger. Life is strange.


  1. Are you telling me that you don’t want every woman to hide behind burkas? Get with the program, Change is good, catapulting society to 1000 years behind is good.
    Time for my high blood pressure meds.

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  2. The problem, of course, is the economic system which we call Capitalism. Approx. 70% of a capitalistic economy is consumerism. If there is NO increase in population in capitalist countries those needed consumers must be “acquired.” Otherwise the “owners” of the economy will make less money since there is less growth with lower population rates as in the Western democracies today. Even Mexico has a decreasing birth rate.


    1. Smokesilver: So, the Mohammedan immigrants flooding Europe who promptly go on the dole and send much of the cash back to the sprawling family in Sudan are helping European capitalism? I beg to differ. Capitalism has flaws. Socialism has countless more flaws.

      The problem primarily is that leftist thinking is foggy.


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