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  1. When I see the size of the Trump rallies, I realize that the people are taking back our party. It does not belong to the elites. We have had enough of the Bushes and the ready-to-do-business Republicans-in-name-only types. The control of the party by the oligarchies is over.

    While Trump was not my first, second or even third choice for our party, he is what was chosen by the majority of us. I will support him.

    Putin says that World War III is on the horizon. Hillary is all for it. After all, it will just be us deplorables who will die. She and Slick Willie and their ilk with be tucked safely away somewhere.

    Do you see anything about that in the U.S. news? No, they stick to their prepared script. People changing sex, using whatever toilet they fancy and trying to incite a race war. Then there is the Trump-is-awful narrative.

    Please, a little sanity here. Trump is not about to deport twelve million people. That is impossible. Those that do need to worry about a Trump presidency though are those illegal aliens with criminal convictions.

    Listen to what he says, not what the news media say he said.

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    1. Señor Gill: The size of Trump rallies is quite interesting. Does Hillary even do rallies? Maybe I should check out Huffpost more often. I did see that Tim Kaine had a rally the other day, and only about 30 people showed up.


  2. I think old Felipe has done a bait switch on us. Viva Hillary, Felipe, wth? Have you taken up drinking again?


    1. Nah, Sue, not a chance. Just did this for laughs. However, this is pretty much how a significant proportion of the GOP Establishment has reacted to Trump whose rallies usually resemble something from Nuremberg.

      The clip is from a great German movie called The Bunker about the last days of Hitler and his gang. I’ve seen it twice.


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