Two ways of seeing


I WAS SITTING on the main plaza with a café Americano negro, a frequent occurrence because I don’t have a real job, when I looked over thataway and noticed this young woman.

She was selling artwork that she’d laid out on a sheet atop the sidewalk, and she had a toddler in tow.

Based on what she was selling and the spectacular colors of her skirt and purse, I’d say she was a Huichol. They tend to come here during the Day of the Dead week to hawk their intricate, beaded artwork to the hordes of tourists.

Generally, I prefer black-and-white photos over color. There are two reasons: Everybody does color, and black-and-white is more dramatic, perhaps a bit old-school — like me.

I decided to offer a choice today due to the color of the door. You might think that ancient door opens into some fascinating realm where rides the ghost of Pancho Villa.

But it’s a bank.


13 thoughts on “Two ways of seeing

  1. I like both but agree that B&W gets attention. Nice framing. I would have taken more of the building and that would not have so striking.

    You being such a sensitive gent, how do you go about getting a person’s picture like that? If from afar, no problem. I took several pictures in the market right around the corner from that door but I always asked “con permiso?”, often after buying a trinket. I don’t think anyone said no and they seemed appreciative that I asked. I did that once with a burly butcher in that market with a huge side of beef and he responded, “Why not?” We then had a great conversation about a lot of things.

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    1. Steve: Just between you and me — don’t reveal my secret anywhere — I do these things with a zoom lens. They don’t even know they’ve been snapped 99 percent of the time. And the one percent who suspected were too far away to be sure enough to complain.


  2. The eye of the beholder. I wished I had your talent with a camera. Amazing how between the choices of color versus black and white the details change. You’re gifted. I follow a photographer on Facebook out of the Texas valley who does flowers and birds, and I marvel at both of you.

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  3. “You might think that ancient door opens into some fascinating realm where rides the ghost of Pancho Villa.

    “But it’s a bank.”

    Considering Pancho’s vocation, haunting a bank may not be inconsistent at all.


  4. I like both but prefer the black and white. As everyone knows, Mexico is a colourful place and sometimes photos need to be shown in colour but more often than not, the emotions of the subject(s) show up better in black and white.


  5. I agree that black and white brings out so much more sometimes than color, but in this case I have to go with the color version; it just adds depth and warmth not picked up with monochrome. I use the zoom also for people photos a lot.


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