12 thoughts on “Fish outa water

  1. Best part of the day, as I sit outside with a cup of coffee, welcoming another glorious day, happy to be alive, enjoying one more day in the land of less stress and decent common sense. Where there’s no political correctness like in the U.S. where people wearing Halloween costumes are chastised, tossed out of college for having duds that offend someone.

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    1. Tancho: Even a couple of hours later, like right now at 9:30, it’s grand too. I was just sitting on the veranda in a rocker after doing some yard trimming and sweeping, enjoying the cool air and sunshine. When I finish this, I have to put on some nasty duds that I wear to weedeat, the next chore on the list.

      I was talking to an old friend from above the border last spring in San Miguel de Allende. He asked me something or another about living in Mexico, I told him it was simply easier to live down here, and it is.

      One example is the renovation work I had done earlier this week. Finding someone to do it was a piece of cake. It was done quickly, well and cheaply. Love it here.

      But let’s keep this a secret. We don’t want bunches of those Gringos pouring over the border. Maybe a wall would be a good idea. Wonder if anyone’s thought of that lately.


    1. Lefty Clete: And we need another wall down south to keep the Central Americans, Africans, Asians and God Only Knows who else out. Well, unless they have permission, of course.

      All nations need walls. A nation that does not enforce its border soon becomes no nation at all, and if it’s a economically prosperous one, that happens even quicker.


    1. Goodness Gracias! It’s Andean. Back from the dead or Ecuador or someplace far away. I’m in a state of shock.

      Good to hear from you.

      Most domains benefit from a feminine presence and, surely, the Hacienda is one of those. It wouldn’t be the same without her, as it hasn’t been the same here on The Moon without you.


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