The perfect time

Smaller bedroom window.

NOVEMBER, THAT IS. It’s the perfect time here, not that other times aren’t swell too, but you can’t beat November.

There’s something strange about our perfect time being ushered in by the Day of the Dead when we embrace and drink to the notion of death and mortality.

But don’t dwell on that. November is almost upon us. And why is November so sweet? Because the summer rains have ended, but everything is still fresh and green.

Plus, frigid winter hasn’t arrived.

Friday morning was full of chores while my child bride was out working in her pastry kitchen. Chores for me, that is.

One was window-washing which inspired me to shoot the two photos. At the top is the smaller window in the bedroom, and at the bottom is one of two huge, dining room* windows.

Note the very green grass. People have asked me online why in the world I have a green lawn in Mexico, that it makes no sense. I guess they expect dust and burros.

The grass makes sense to me, especially now that I don’t mow it anymore. Someone else does.  I just admire it.

And sometimes I clean the windows for a better view.

Big dining room window.

* Why is dining room two words while bedroom is one word?

(Note: The stained-glass items hanging on the bottom window were made by the two of us about a decade ago at a trade school in a nearby town. There are much larger ones hanging in the living room window.)

(Note 2: An astute observer might notice the black dot on the middle pane of the bottom photo. That’s a very small piece of broken mirror my child bride pasted to the spot. She uses that little mirror to pluck her eyebrows under natural light. Women are strange sometimes.)

10 thoughts on “The perfect time

  1. This indeed is the perfect time, just got our delivery of firewood to warm the house up for season. Next project is the wife wants to find a Christmas tree for the living room. My biggest decision is to get real one or just buy a phony one at Costco.

    The nice thing about a lawn here is that, as you say, someone else mows it, and with all the rain it is lush. Your yard looks great, need to figure out what you are missing. Either that hot tub or a temazcal would be nice. On the other hand, too much maintenance with a hot tub and the temazcal takes too much effort.


    1. Tancho: Get the fake tree. Real ones are a pain in the kazoo. And some of the fake ones look totally real and better than the real ones. We bought a fake at Liverpool years ago. My wife usually puts it up while I sit on the sofa providing moral support. Oh yeah, I also put Christmas tunes for her on the music machine. I dislike fooling with Christmas trees.

      And we do not have a hot tub or temazcal (sweat hole) for exactly the reasons you state. Too much effort. I’m lazier by the year.


  2. Have you ever taken a look in that little mirror on the window pane? Chances are, if you had you would have found a few things to pluck. Nose and ear hair come to mind. I’m hoping your male readers will take note. Some things require natural light. I get it!

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    1. Connie: Unlike most men of a certain vintage, I rarely have hairs protruding from here, there, everywhere. I have trimmers, and I occasionally use tweezers too. Come visit. You’ll see.

      Having a child bride forces an aging geezer to pay extra attention.


  3. You make me laugh. I never really doubted your attention to detail in the grooming department. However, there are plenty of older men out there who need to put a little mirror on the window pane so they can see what the rest of us must endure while in their presence.


  4. You can tell the rainy season is finally over when we have three or more consecutive days without rain. What a glorious feeling … better late than never.

    I get a haircut every week with all the trimmings at my local estetica for less than $2.00 including eyebrows, ears, and nose. She’ll even give me a shave if I need it. Service with a smile.


    1. Andrés: Don’t count your rain chickens too soon. Many a night of Los Muertos on November 2 the Goddess has chosen to give us a good drenching. It’s perverse. I see dark clouds in the sky right now, and I’m not that far from you.

      But soon. Soon it will be over for sure. Like next week.

      From one old geezer to another, I’m glad you’re keeping yourself presentable. Likely the same reason I do it.


  5. Great looking yard, Felipe! We just got back from visiting my wife’s family in Puerto Vallarta for the last 8 days. It was miserably hot. Luckily, my father-in-law installed air conditioning in the room we were staying in just for his guero yerno! I was sweating like crazy when I had to go outside. I think when our time comes to move back again we are definitely moving to a higher altitude.


    1. Hi, Mike: I was wondering recently if you’d returned. Yes, the coast is hot. I don’t understand why anyone who had a choice would choose to live on the sweltering coastline. It’s masochistic. I’m convinced that most or nearly all Gringos who reside there permanently are boozers.

      Much better here on the mountaintop!


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