Dos vistas, again


I CALL MY wife a child bride, but hereabouts some people take the phrase more to heart and actually do it.

Walking around the main plaza the other day, I couldn’t help but notice this young mama for two reasons. One, her youth, and two, she was decked out like a banana.

The age of consent in Mexico varies by state, and can be as low as 12. In the State of Nayarit, it’s set at puberty.

Between 12 or puberty and 16, 17 or even 18, you’ve entered a nebulous zone, depending on individual states.

The entire matter appears to be legally muddy or, as Wikipedia phrases it, complex.

It was her attire that made just a black-and-white photo unfair. I wanted both views, and here they are.


6 thoughts on “Dos vistas, again

  1. Young mothers is one of those differences from up north that struck me when I moved down here — along with the high percentage of single moms (even though The States is doing its best to catch up on that one).


    1. Señor Cotton: The illegitimacy rate in the black “community” in the United States is significantly north of 70 percent, an appalling number which bodes no good for anybody.

      I wonder what it is down here in general. I wonder if anyone knows. A nephew of ours has two kids. He and his “wife” got married in the church, but have never done it where it counts (to me), legally. Church weddings here are not legally binding.

      I spotted the girl in the photo the following day, yesterday, downtown, and she was still decked out like a banana. She is pretty.


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