The Democrat Party

THIS VIDEO was censored by YouTube.

The Unseen Moon brings it to you as part of its never-ending fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Like Superman.

11 thoughts on “The Democrat Party

  1. Youtube responds to pressure from the left. Danney Williams was banned until public pressure caused them to relent.
    But some issues are too hot for them to handle. Colin Flarety has had problems with Youtube as has Infowars.
    Free speech is fine as long as one parrots the party line. But don’t think you can oppose it.


    1. Señor Gill: I don’t think YouTube is responding to any pressure whatsoever. It’s simply part of the intolerant, ham-fisted, left-wing media. It does not have to be pressured. It does these things because it wants to. Just like Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.


  2. When the whole world is against you, maybe it’s because you’re wrong. The downside of this election being over is that you’ll start another one Monday night.


    1. Kris: The whole world is not against the U.S. or perhaps you’re referring to President Trump. Either way, opposition to one or the other or both can be attributed easily to either/and 1. Envy. 2. Lack of information.


  3. Third option, everyone else is right. Opposing opinions aren’t always wrong. The hate that Trump and his followers have for people who disagree with them is what turns me off of trying to find any sense in what he says. He starts every sentence with the most ridiculous falsehoods and I can’t listen any further. I just can’t fathom what you can find positive about him.


  4. Felipe,

    Thanks for posting the video. It is just one more example of the political establishment run amuck.

    Having had some time on my hands lately I decided to peruse Podesta’s emails on WikiLeaks. WOW, what an eye opener! Having lived on this planet for 55 years I don’t consider myself naïve but was I ever shocked at what I read. Unbelievable the conversations between various HRC and CF staffers. Every word that comes out of that woman’s mouth is carefully crafted. Nothing is left to chance. I suspect the same is true of all other political candidates. I was also appalled to see emails hinting at collusion between the WH and the HRC campaign to influence legislations, which if passed, would be seen as a positive for the Sanders campaign.

    When are the American people going to wake up? Probably well after it is too late!



    1. Troy: When will the American people wake up? Perhaps the day after tomorrow. Will that be too late? Quite possibly.

      I would like to be able to say that since I live elsewhere it will not affect me. Alas, what happens in America affects the entire world. There is no escaping that fact.


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