Potty-mouth party

AS THE ELECTION season draws to a close, Democrats return to what they do best: cussin’ like crazy.

Verbal diarrhea.

One area in which the divide between goofy socialists and clear-thinking conservatives looms large is language.  Whereas leftists are today’s language police (watch those pronouns!), they do not extend that policing to profanity.

They curse like merchant seaman. Everywhere. There is no social setting in which a well-enunciated motherf**cker seems out of place to them. They are crass people.

I wrote about this during the last presidential election in a post titled What the (bleep)! Movie star Samuel Jackson and comedienne Sarah Silverman released political videos for their man, Weepy Barry, that were nonstop profanities.

Insiders have reported that Hillary Clinton, when off-camera, is also shockingly profane.

You will never see a political ad from Republicans that includes profanity of any sort. We are well-bred people.

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(Note: Interestingly, these obscene, ghetto-speak ads from the Democrat Party began with Obama. The old Democrat Party behaved far better.)

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  1. I swear like a sailor, and I’m a well-bred, well-mannered Republican, But what I find particularly offensive, beyond the use of expletives in this propaganda piece, is the name-calling by those who find racism, misogyny, and xenophobia in everything they see. But “human syphalis [sic]” and “sentient septic tank” are acceptable in their book.

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    1. Ms. Rose: I thought of you when I wrote this piece. I also thought of you when I wrote the 2012 piece. You are a non-religious conservative, as I am, so that gives you cursing leeway. I, on the other hand, rarely curse for no other reason than I just don’t. Well, except when I slam the door shut on my finger.

      I added a note to the bottom of the post after you read it, pointing out that these ghetto spots from the Democrats did not exist before the Weepy Barry era.


  2. All one needs to do to see the immense vulgarity of the right is to read comments posted on news sites by an incredible number of Trump supporters. Your attempt to portray progressives as having a monopoly on vulgarity is either based on ignorance of reality or willful and deliberate denial of the truth. Take your pick.


    1. Leftie/Clete: You’ll get no argument from me that online comment sections are rife with rudeness and vulgarity from both right-wingers and you lefties too. It’s pathetic. And it’s done due to the ability to hide, be anonymous.

      However, the post here refers to political spots for television. The stunningly obscene ones are in support of Democrats, 100 percent. You will never see a professionally made, Republican TV spot of that nature. I find this very telling.

      And before you come back with some YouTube rant of a right-wing lunatic, which I think you did once, I say that’s not the same thing at all.


  3. Oh and BTW, I suppose you haven´t seen or heard about the Texas Republican Agriculture Commissioner´s recent post on Twitter calling Hillary Clinton a c*nt? Now in this case we´re talking about an elected official using vulgarity to describe a presidential candidate.


    1. Leftie/Clete: Yet again, not the point, has nothing to do with political TV spots. And before we continue this back-and-forth ad infinitum, I pronounce you officially ended on this comment section. Feel free to weigh in on posts in the future. Ta-ta.


  4. Our nation has truly reached the nadir of its moral existence. Do we really want people of this caliber running our country?

    It used to be that only lower-class people use such language. Now, it seems common and accepted. Sad!


    1. Señor Gill: Oh, I think profanity spans the classes, though it’s likely been more common among the common folk simply due to their limited vocabulary and marginal IQs.

      It’s just that people with a little breeding know when spewing profanity is okay, and when it is not. I’m sure the airheads in the video use it every day, all day long, which is becoming more common, and it’s surely common in their social circles, which is why they think nothing of making a political ad of this nature. It’s the way they talk in real life.

      As for America reaching its moral nadir, it’s certainly sunk low, but there is room to sink even lower. The sinking continues daily.


  5. We will know after next Tuesday just how low we have sunk. Hopefully, it will be good news. If Hillary is elected, we can sink even lower.

    Trump is no prize, but he is a much better person than her.

    God help the USA.


    1. Señor Gill: After Weepy Barry was re-elected in 2012, the flaws of democracy became even clearer. I’m reasonably optimistic about this election. Throughout U.S. history, after a president has served two full terms, a president of the opposing party has almost always followed. There have been only two exceptions.

      Yes, Trump is no prize, but he is clearly superior to the alternative, bless her soon-to-be-indicted black heart.


  6. I was in the entertainment business all my adult life, so I know a bit about the use of profanity for effect. This is just shock/trash, dare I say “locker room” talk from people who should know better than to record a stupid song like this. I think the younger generation of entertainers assumes that everyone talks and acts the way they do in public. You won’t see this on mainstream media hopefully, but they do have an audience that they are targeting; mainly the YouTube generation that doesn’t know or care about the accepted limits to profanity in public. Look at their role model, President Obama, whose favorite entertainer is Jay Z.


    1. I guess that the reason there are no profanity-filled professional videos supporting the Donald is that people in the entertainment industry are mostly Democrats. Most, if not all, recording artists have expressly told him not to use their music, even Dee Snider, who was a Celebrity Apprentice.

      That’s not to say that anyone should vote for any candidate because a celebrity supports them. The ability to sing or act doesn’t make a person intelligent. Some of the most popular artists I have seen are as thick as bricks. I suppose though, if you don’t understand politics, and don’t think through the possibilities of your decision, you might base your vote on something that shallow.

      We have the same thing to a certain extent (in Canada), we just don’t have as big a circus as the USA. (But we’re getting there.)

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  7. I wonder how Hillary’s core is doing today, that is after the performance by Jay-Z at her rally last night. Maybe she has no more core to shake.


    1. Carole: She had rally last night? Were it not for Jay-Z, I imagine the turnout would have been lame if it wasn’t lame even with him there.

      As for her core, she is rotten to it.


    1. Señor Gill: I just read about it on three websites. No gun found though someone may have shouted the word. Trump was taken off stage briefly, but he returned and continued the show.


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