Epic cluelessness

HERE’S A priceless demonstration of the divide between bona fide black people and leftist, elitist nincompoops.

The video showcases the usual leftist complaint about voter-ID requirements, that they discriminate against blacks who are, of course, too helpless to obtain official identification.

And then it gives a sampling of black reaction in Harlem to this condescending, leftist attitude toward them.

It’s fun. However, you can’t help but be mystified by blacks’ habitual support of the leftist Democrat Party.

And don’t forget the official election schedule: Republicans vote tomorrow, Nov. 8, and Democrats vote Nov. 9.

14 thoughts on “Epic cluelessness

  1. I don’t bother watching the propaganda from either side. Anyone with a cell phone can make a video, and they can find someone who is willing to back their opinion on anything.
    I just hope that there will be something else to see and listen to soon.
    Meanwhile, I have to search for alternative winter accommodations in case Donald decides the US economy doesn’t need the billions of dollars Canadians spend there every year. I’m too old to climb over a wall, actual or philosophical.


      1. If you need to search for others to bolster your opinion, it’s a sign of uncertainty. I doubt that a twenty-something is going to give me a revelation, just puppet something they heard from a brainwashed PhD. candidate teaching a class for the scholarly Political Science Professor.
        I’m just sick and tired of the whole thing.

        We in Prince Edward Island (a Canadian Province with the population of a city block in NYC) are currently in the midst of a plebiscite for voting reform to allow proportional balloting, and I’m getting two robocalls a day from one group. It might be a reverse psychology stunt. They are trying to irritate me into voting for another choice, and they succeeded. I’m not voting at all. I’m developing the thought that there shouldn’t be any tv or radio political advertising. Paper is ok, and if you want to be informed, you can look online. Elections are one of the largest businesses in existence, and politicians spend more time and effort getting elected than they do at their jobs. It’s all about big business.


    1. Mark: An excellent way to phrase it, passing the Moon’s censor. Alas, I fear you are correct. Perhaps tomorrow it can be delayed a while at least. Let us pray so.


  2. I see Obama is encouraging illegal aliens to vote. That is illegal.

    Democrats are making a mistake. Millions of Catholic, live supporting Christians will doom their party. Did you ever know a good Catholic that had an abortion? Not everyone is in this world to get welfare and food stamps. Some have a sense of what is morally right and wrong.

    By the way, I see Janet Reno passed away this morning. Do you think she will be paying for the murders of the Branch Davidians?


    1. Señor Gill: Democrats love all votes, legal or otherwise.

      As for good Catholics getting abortions, I imagine quite a few have. No way of knowing, of course, because they’re not going to publicize it. Unexpected pregnancies — an immense, life-altering event which I am personally familiar with — can compel people to extreme measures.

      As for Janet Reno, the woman always reminded me of my sister. R.I.P. and good riddance.


  3. Felipe: My favorite part of this posting is the official election schedule. It was one of those coffee-through-the-nose and all over my desk kinda humorous moments.

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