Waffles & snowflakes


WE’RE A HEALTH-conscious couple, and we watch what we eat. It’s partly why we are so slim and beautiful.

Although we love waffles, we rarely eat them because they are not healthy. However, special occasions call for celebration, and we decided Wednesday morning to breakfast on waffles, a Trump fiesta with Canadian maple syrup.

However, just as my child bride was about to turn on the blender and waffle iron, the electricity went out, and it stayed out for an hour due to work in the street.

So we ate the usual cereal, but with a grin. At least I was grinning. My lovely companion still is uncertain about Trump, being Mexican and listening to Mexican news sources, which are just as left-wing as CNN and MSNBC.

There is no Mexican version of Fox or Breitbart.

However, she’s as conservative as I am, and she knows that I always know best, so she’s coming around, slowly.

Mexico has focused entirely on Trump’s border wall and his sometimes ill-phrased statements about Mexicans.

They know nothing about other U.S. issues like tax cuts, veterans’ matters,  federal debt, entitlements, BLM, Islamic terrorism, Mohammedan “refugees,” safe spaces,  PC lunacy, Common Core, joblessness and so on.

Alas, to Mexicans, it’s all about them and their God-given right to sneak across the border whenever they feel like it.

Our waffle extravaganza was delayed one day, but not canceled. We waffled our hearts out yesterday instead.

Like election night, it was very tasty.

* * * *

01_snowflake_1Left-wing snowflakes are in a state of hysteria and meltdown. Here are some hilarious examples:

  1. A guy named Jerry Kang, who is UCLA’s vice chancellor for “equity, diversity and inclusion,” held an event last night to process the shocking election results.
  2. At Cornell University, a “cry-in” was held on the Quad. “I’m quite terrified, honestly,” one snowflake opined.
  3. Thousands of poor losers blocked the entrance to Trump Tower in Chicago. They said they are against fascism, racism and war. Where this stuff is breaking out in the wake of the election is not clear.
  4. Snowflake high school students and teachers, about 1,500 of them,  staged a walkout Wednesday in California to protest Trump’s fair-and-square election victory. They’re just not gonna take it, you hear?
  5. In New York, thousands of leftists took to the streets howling obscenities about Trump’s victory, “rape culture,” racism and all that silly razzmatazz.

I remember the day following the shocking (to conservatives) re-election in 2012 of Weepy Barry.

We were gobsmacked!

But did we stage cry-ins? Did we block entrances to buildings? Did Republican ghetto-dwellers riot in the streets, as happened in Oakland after the Trump victory?

Of course not. We just hoped for a better day.

And here it is!

26 thoughts on “Waffles & snowflakes

  1. Nice post. I think the issues you identified are why working-class, tax-paying people voted for Trump. The Laurel branch victory speech quelled a lot of uncertainty, witness the stock market. BTW, if we didn’t have the electoral college but a primary and runoff among the top two, Trump would have gotten the libertarian votes and therefore a majority of the popular vote. The protesters are government sugar-tit-sucking leeches.

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    1. Carlos: Thanks. The things you cite, as usual, are correct.

      Don’t know why your feedback was sent to moderation. Perhaps you altered your email address. Anything will do it. I didn’t.


  2. Good post, I saw yesterday someone wrote that they act that way because all their lives they have been getting trophies for losing and this time they lost, and no one was there to give them any trophies.

    Gotta go back to only winners getting rewarded and we certainly did. I talked to a friend in California yesterday and she was devastated. Yes, devastated. They just can’t believe there is anything else out there besides their point of view, and that is the problem. What happened to discussion and looking at both sides of the issue?


    1. Jeff: I saw that earlier this morning. It is a hoot. He fails to see the irony of his wanting employees who disagree with his politics to hit the road in the spirit of “tolerance.” That he’s a young guy comes as no surprise.

      Dying calves in the rain. You’re a hoot too.

      No matter. We won. They lost. Ha!

      And we deserve it after eight years of Weepy Barry.


  3. It was a pleasant surprise indeed to see another one of my dreams come true Tuesday night. I have never experienced as much delightful schadenfreude as I have this week – the satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune.

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    1. Love it………absolutely love it!

      Regarding the GRUB CEO and his email remarks to employees, the stock traded at a high of 39 on Thursday and has hit a low of 34.88 today. OTM Nov 16 puts can be had for around $20 for 32.50 strikes. It’s tempting, just to make a quick profit from inappropriate and irresponsible comments by the leadership. Let’s hope he is held accountable by his board of directors and, of course, his stockholders. Hee Hee!

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  4. We had two high schools here in the Phoenix Metro area pull the skip classes/marching BS yesterday. The police were lining the streets. I want to know which ‘adults’ encouraged that behavior and why they are not in jail for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

    Loved the video! I’m sticking to just having a jaunty/knowing smile on my face. Laughing that hard causes asthma attacks.

    Now the work begins.

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  5. The left and their propagandists have been trying to purify an imperfect world with liberal creep. Talk to the hand.


    1. Carole: Liberal creep or liberal crap?

      By the way, have you paid no mind whatsoever to my endless campaign against calling leftists “liberal” and “progressive”?

      Shame, shame, shame! Sin no más!

      Por favor.


  6. great post and comments! i’ve stayed out of the political commenting as it is not something i like to discuss, just like religion. however, one comment on another blogger’s post said that he felt the same as the day after 9/11? can you imagine comparing those 2? i tried to reply to that but unfortunately, i couldn’t prove that i am not a robot, so my reply didn’t go through.



    1. teresa: politics and religion. does no good to discuss them because nobody ever changes their mind. i just like to stir things up plus make my opinion known.

      yeah, lots of lefties feel worse than after 9/11. that puts a smile on my face. we had to endure eight years of weepy barry, so it’s payback time.



  7. I had a long conversation with a Mexican friend how a Trump presidency very well may be a boost to the Mexican economy. He was not anti-Trump. He was just curious. But I believe it. Mexico may be the winner in this election.


    1. Señor Cotton: Capitalism responds positively to pro-capitalist policies. Weepy Barry was no pro-capitalist, and that attitude filtered down and about for the past eight years. Trump is a capitalist and will push pro-capitalist ideas. I expect that to boost the economy. If the U.S. economy improves, the Mexican should improve too. We are connected. I am optimistic.


  8. Counselors were available for classmates who needed to ‘process’ at one of my classes last week. Several were crying. One of the hapless millenial girls used the analogy of the election to 9/11. I contained my inner grin in favor of self-preservation, however lamented the absence of and even disdain for civil, Socratic discussion in American Universities. Days later came the campus protests. And we are graduate students.


    1. Rosalind: The really sad element in your comment is that you had to contain your inner grin for self-preservation. This is what leftist bellowing and strong-arm tactics have done to America.


      1. It’s a practice I’ve grown accustomed to in order to advance in the program. Politically engaged scholarship has been the status quo for quite some time now. It is indeed very sad.


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