Nincompoop parade

THIS IS LOTS of fun to watch. I think my favorite is the insufferable, ever-smug, dyke Rachel Maddow.

The cluelessness of these people is astounding. This gang of arrogant, East Coast swells cannot grasp an election outcome counter to their view of things.

The Trump Train, running at full throttle, bell clanging, hit them from behind while they were gazing the other way, with blind adulation in their eyes, at Hillary, their empress.

I found this on Gab, the recently launched, rapidly growing, free-speech alternative to censor-loving Twitter.

35 thoughts on “Nincompoop parade

  1. If you were to believe the mainstream media, no one voted for Trump. Were that so, then why was the woman who was cited as a paragon of judgment and temperament inconsolable, violent, and in need of restraints on election night? Why couldn’t she have faced her troops that evening?

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    1. Ms. Shoes: Was Hillary inconsolable, violent and in need of restraints on election night? Wouldn’t surprise me. I have not read anything of what she did that night. It’s a void, at least from what I have seen. I read one report that it was not Hillary who called Trump to concede. It was Huma Abadin, her Mohammedan alter ego. Don’t know if that is correct.


        1. Ms. Shoes: While this would not surprise me, I don’t see any video of this alleged incident on that link. It’s just political opponents saying it happened. People can say anything. But no matter. She’s history, dust, and for that we can celebrate.


        1. Kris: Yeah, I know he said that. He may have been trying to gloss over the situation to avoid an unnecessary hubbub. He may have been using the phrase very broadly, thinking that Hillary’s Mohammedan alter ego represented the Hillary campaign. Thus, “Hillary” was calling. Or maybe Hillary took a Prozak or two, inhaled deeply, wiped the tears from her fallen face, and actually called herself.

          Doesn’t make a dime’s worth of difference. Hillary is dust.

          And you, my Canadian amigo, are the very first lefty — though a mild one at that — to say anything here since the Empress’s wonderful downfall. I guess you folks are still all weeping in your martinis.


          1. We don’t drink Martinis here. We drink real beer, Rye whiskey, you know, things that aren’t disguised as something else.

            We will survive up here, go to the US in the winter and see the Senior Citizens of the US working at Walmart and grocery stores so they can have health care while we enjoy the warm weather.


            1. Kris: Senior citizens in the U.S. have Medicare, and have had it for a very long time. The oldsters working in Walmart, etc., are doing it because they need or want extra cash.

              And you’ll never convince me that left-wingers drink anything other than martinis with their little fingers extended. Okay, sometimes, they pop open a bottle of expensive bubbly.


  2. Dang! I feel like I just turned a TV on. This is exactly why my husband and I ceremoniously threw our televisions in the dump over eight years ago. We haven’t missed them at all. Do they really use profanity such as in this clip on prime time now?

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    1. Bev: They are leftists, so endless profanity seems natural to them. You may have seen the posts I have hereabouts with left-wing political videos that are wall-to-wall obscenities. They think nothing of it. It’s how they talk and think, and they assume everyone else does the same. It’s just another element of their blinding arrogance.

      After my divorce in 1995 until my first year in Mexico in 2000, I too had no television, a personal choice. Life went on just fine. We have one now because we are addicted to Netflix. You can avoid the baloney with Netflix. It’s more like having a home movie theater, but better.


      1. They use plenty of obscenities, but when Republicans utter them, then they’re shocked! Shocked to their very cores!

        Apparently they think that the Republicans were not moralizing loudly enough lately, so they took up the banner of morality police.

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  3. How about rather than chewing it all over again, we wait and see what happens. Gloating over the result does nothing to fix the divide, only fuels the discontent.

    There are demonstrations, go ahead and blame the left, but the country will accept the fact that he is President, he has already backed off some of his most vehement campaign promises, and given the fact that he is an intelligent man, it is coming to him that the President is the face of the country, but there is an entire body; the Congress, Senate, and 50 states that ultimately control the US. He is not running Trump Inc., It’s the USA.


    1. Kris: Exactly how the Trump years will play out is, of course, unknown at this point. How the Hillary years would have played out is completely known. Good thing she lost, eh?


      1. Congratulations on knowing how to use ‘eh’ properly. You’re like Ted Cruz, a displaced Canadian.

        I see that Donald is now courting the man he spent 6 months disparaging as ‘Lying Ted’ to be a Cabinet member. A man whose father was called a terrorist by Donald allowed in the upper echelon of government?

        Donald won the election. The methods he used, and the fact that more people voted against him (and even for Hillary) than for him is a quirk of many places, not just the US.

        That’s all I’m going to say on the subject of politics. Hopefully the ranting will ease up now, and life in the US can improve. I sincerely hope that he proves me wrong and actually makes life better for the average person in the US.

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  4. Felipe: Personally, I just break out laughing (like the video of Henry) every time I hear the squealing from these half-wit lefties. Especially Bill & Hillary’s explanation as to why she lost.

    Although Trump has already made some questionable decisions, one must remember, that on his worst day he’s still more fit to be President then Hillary.


    1. Jeff: Right you are. No matter how he might — or might not — stumble, he’s a far sight better than Hillary would have been.

      Anyway, it’s totally too soon to be criticizing him due to news stories that might — or might not — have anything whatsoever to do with reality.

      We know the media continue totally opposed to Trump.


  5. These effete snobs actually believed their own lies! Trump is not a racist, nor a bigot. He is not an anti-Semite. His daughter, son-in-law and grandkids are practicing Jews.

    He may have talked crudely, but just listen to some of the things these Democrats say. What he said cannot hold a candle to the foul mouths on these folks.

    Hillary and Bill Clinton are criminals of the worse sort. Comey did not clear them. He just didn’t charge them. Obama cannot pardon them if they are not charged. After January 20, justice will be served.

    A lot of people in the neighborhood are afraid they may be deported. Are they murders, rapist, robbers or perverts? No, they have nothing to fear. But they are gullible enough to listen to the Democrat Judas goats.

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    1. Señor Gill: Of all the accusations the nincompoops are throwing in Trump’s direction, nothing is sillier than the anti-Semite stuff. In recent years, the left has cornered the market on anti-Semitism. They loathe Israel, the only democracy in the Mideast where women walk free (and armed). And they support the Mohammedans.

      Loathsome anti-Semitism is alive and thriving in leftist circles.


  6. We as a people need to take a stand against these propagandists. When their broadcast licenses come up for review, we need to speak up. They use the airwaves that belong to the people of the nation. Let’s shut CNN and MSNBC down. Let’s put them out of business.


  7. You have validated (Yup. “Validated.” I have a tendency to talk like the other side on occasion.) my decision to junk television almost thirty years ago. I will admit watching adults dissolve into tears over an election is priceless.

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    1. Señor Cotton: It’s not (necessarily) your daddy’s television anymore. We love Netflix, which only costs 99 pesos per month. Movies and TV series with no commercials and that you can watch in part or totally whenever your heart desires. And there are some incredibly interesting and entertaining TV series available now. The days of “Father Knows Best,” etc., are long gone. I read an article a year or so back in a hoity-toity, high-brow magazine that compared some TV series available these days to high literature, and it was correct.

      In short, you might want to rethink your position. You’d need, of course, an internet-compatible TV. The listings on Netflix, even the Mexican version that we have, are in the thousands..


      1. I do subscribe to Netflix — and I use it about once a month. I simply find more interesting things to do with my time.

        I finally got around to watching one of Orson Welles’s Touch of Evil. I have wanted to see it for years. And I was sorely disappointed. I don’t know what I found more disconcerting Charlton Heston portraying a Mexican prosecutor or Welles’s script. The only redeeming grace was watching Janet Leigh. And chuckling at the cameo of Zsa Zsa Gabor as a stripper and Marlene Dietrich as a Mexican prostitute.


        1. Señor Cotton: Good to know you have the Netflix option. I’ve never seen Touch of Evil. Did you see it on Netflix? Is it the Mexican Netflix because I’m pretty sure that movie is not available on the Mexican version. Can you even get the U.S. Netflix here without doing something illegal? Inquiring minds.


          1. I have the Mexican version of Netflix. I used to be able to use my northern account on my laptop with a VPN, but Netflix seems to be wise to that device. In any event, that laptop is now dead.


  8. The question I’d like to ask both Hillary and her media acolytes is this: is Hillary Clinton now a threat to our democracy? Because she spent considerable energy arguing that anyone who did not accept the results of the election was such a threat. Now she’s using Jill Stein as a pawn to ask for a recount in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

    Is this a threat to our democracy? Should we tolerate it?

    Inquiring minds want to ask the question in a public forum where weasel words are severely punished.

    And on the topic of “threat to democracy,” what about all the violent, leftist protesters in the streets? Should we vilify them as a threat to democracy too?

    And how about a corporate media so completely and shamelessly partisan? Are they also a threat to democracy? (On that last item, I think the answer has to be a resounding “YES!!!”)


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where there’s plenty of wailing and moaning, but no one has moved out of the country yet, though I still have my eye on the border.


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