A good spanking!

AN EARLIER POST, Nincompoop Parade, focused on “liberal” media personalities who were gobsmacked by the fair-and-square election of Trump as president.

Let us turn now from the silly, East Coast swells masquerading as journalists and look at the legions of young Loony Tuners protesting — or rioting — in the streets.

Here’s a fellow named Chad Prather who puts it all in perfect perspective. Love the cowboy hat.

* * * *

(LOOK! The five most absurd ways leftists have responded to losing the presidential election. On the other hand, here is a 12-step program from The New York Times. It’s, of course, mostly left-wing nuttiness, but not entirely.)

8 thoughts on “A good spanking!

  1. I am so happy that the election is over, get so tiring of all the commercials etc. Now, I am getting tired of seeing all the sniveling spoiled kids acting like babies which their parents created.
    I enjoyed your prior post where all the liberal media was just dumbfounded that someone else besides Goldilocks won.

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    1. Tancho: What struck me most about the video in the other post was that those “journalists” were so clearly blindsided. They just could not believe what had happened. It was beyond their ability to imagine.

      It was just a given to them that Hillary would win. It was a given to Hillary too. Heh, heh.


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