“Liberal” response

loveAS OFTEN as one sees it, and that is too often, it’s hard not to roll one’s eyes at the ongoing response from “Democrats” to the victory of President-Elect Trump.

This morning I read a post from a left-wing blogger, a Cuban immigrant to the United States who’s now retired and living in the Gringo haven of San Miguel de Allende.

He will remain unnamed to avoid embarrassing him.

It was the same old stuff. Trump is a racist, misogynist, hater of gays, fascist, well, you know the long, familiar, silly list. And that Trump’s election spells the end of days.

The Earth has veered off course.

All of these epithets, of course, fly directly in the face of reality. Trump waved the Rainbow Flag during the campaign, never uttered a word against women or minorities,* but leftists have become so accustomed to hurling epithets that they simply don’t know how to apply the brakes.

It’s what they are: profanity, epithets and violence. It is the logical result of the politically correct obsession.

Trump, a guy from Queens, ran a bare-knuckle campaign, and it worked. Four years ago, Romney ran a cocktail-party campaign, and he lost. You cannot be polite facing today’s “Democrat” Party and have a prayer of winning.

After Nov. 8, Trump immediately halted the bare-knuckles approach, and now comports himself as a statesman. Polls indicate his likability has risen since his victory.

He’s named two women,** one a “minority,” to his Cabinet so far. There goes the misogyny and xenophobia.

Ben Carson may be the HUD secretary. There goes the racism. And if he does not name Carson, he will include blacks in his administration. Trust me.

But many Hillary lovers continue to behave in the manner you see at the top here, if not literally, then by word.

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. Let us be thankful that Donald Trump won the election instead of the woman beloved by the thugs in the drawing above.

I leave you with Trump’s holiday message to the nation. It is a message of unity. Imagine that.

* Illegal aliens are not U.S. minorities. Almost all come from Latin America where they are the majority. In the United States, they are simply law-breakers.

** Nikki Haley, designated U.N. ambassador, is the daughter of Sikh immigrants. Betsy DeVos, a champion of charter schools, is the Education Department choice.

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  1. Well said. Trump was elected, accept it. The election is over. It seemed, during the election, that every time someone attacked Trump, he just got more popular. This is still happening.

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    1. Carlos: I initially boarded the Trump Train because all other options had derailed. I had no choice. But I have come to like him and believe he will be a superlative president. He will look even more superlative due to whom he is replacing.

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    1. Carole, Carole, Carole, puh-leeze stop calling leftists “liberal.” They are not. Not “progressive” either.

      Quite the contrary.

      Stamping out these “liberal” and “progressive” labels has become my life mission. Work with me, por favor.


    1. Mark: There are already miles and miles of wall along the southern border, primarily in heavily trafficked areas. It was a campaign slogan.

      Trump’s website now says he will begin internally, enforcing immigration laws, breaking “sanctuary cities,” etc., and only then look to putting up more wall. Makes sense to me.


  2. On this Thanksgiving Day, I can thank God that I still have the power of discerning between good and evil. I am a Cuban exile that fled authoritarianism and Communist dictatorship in the 1960s. I know what a dictator looks like through word and behavior. Trump represents the worst elements in U.S. society. He played on the ignorance, hatred and xenophobic feelings of millions. Yes, Trump is a bigot and misogynist who resorted to fearmongering to sway the gullible. He is also a shameful liar. He lies about everything, and continues to do so – flipflopping on every issue – as he assumes the presidency. On my part, there will be no compromising, unity or collaboration with evil. Trump is a Fascist dictator. He is a vulgar, selfish opportunist and cannot be trusted. U.S. citizens will reap the terrible consequences of their choices. Maybe four years of chaos and despotic rule will wake people up in the United States of America. How sorrowful that millions voted for a morally corrupt man that supports dictators like Putin, has no qualms about using torture or killing the families of terrorists. In violation of human rights and due process, he wants to deport 11 million undocumented individuals and their families, who in the majority, do not have criminal antecedents and are contributing to the nation’s economy.

    Many Republicans, including myself, denounced him as a fraud. Felipe: You are entitled to your mistaken opinion, but it is very unfortunate, nonetheless, that “educated” people such as yourself, no longer have a moral compass. Are you truly thankful? Your comments do not reflect that.


  3. Love that cartoon. It says it perfectly!

    I gotta back off the reading of all this apocalyptic political nonsense the losers spew. My meds can’t lower the blood pressure enough to balance out the closed-minded folk.

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  4. Sometimes good people make bad decisions because they are only exposed to one viewpoint. When they are allowed access to all opinions, they tend to pick the most reasonable option. People by their very nature tend to be good people.

    But those who want to control society and manipulate it to their ends will go to no end to hide the truth. We now see a movement to bar “Junk or Fake News” sites. What are they afraid of? They do not trust mankind to make their own decisions. They think of us as sheeple to be herded and led by Judas goats.

    I think we have had enough of George Soros and his globalists.


    1. Señor Gill: The “fake news” phenomenon is interesting in that the left invented it, and the “fake news” is always what they oppose. Their news is real, and our news is fake.


      1. Actually, the “fake news” is sites like CNN (“Clinton News Network”), The New York Times, CBS, NBC, and on and on and on who we now know from the Podesta emails are nothing more than a large, publicity firm for the Democratic party.

        If that is not the essence of “fake news,” I don’t know what is. Here’s a great story on ZeroHedge reminding us that the US gov’t is the biggest source of fake news out there: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-21/when-it-comes-fake-news-us-government-biggest-culprit

        It’s a reminder that the CIA and other US intelligence agencies have been in the business of pushing the mainstream media to mislead the US public for a long time.

        So if Obama’s so concerned about “fake news,” shutting this part of the CIA would be a good first step.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where we beginning to fear that the Dems will now start to act like the Republicans and just try to obstruct everything they can.

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