Night salads

SOMETIMES it’s good to show one’s human side.

Our evening meal is always a salad. I fix it myself. It’s served about 8 p.m., and we dine upstairs sitting in recliners watching Netflix, recovering from our ever-arduous days.

kit2While making the salads last night, my child bride snapped these two photos with her phone camera. The photos are not very sharp.

But neither am I.

It’s been quite nippy here in the evenings lately, and that’s why I am heavily clothed. We have no central heat. Or central air-conditioning either for that matter. No need.

kitThe flannel pants I am sporting were purchased in Costco, and are adorned with skulls and crossbones. The heavy hoodie was also a Costco buy.

That thing atop my head is an ancient and dreadfully misshapen watch cap. My child bride detests it.

But I never wear it out of the house, and I have a much newer version of the exact same model for social wear. The newer one looks quite smart, I think.

My normal preference for black-and-white photos has been cast aside for obvious reasons. We live in blazing color.

4 thoughts on “Night salads

  1. Healthful dinner! Over the years I became so accustomed to salad for lunch and big dinner at night because of the husband’s need for sustenance after a day at work. Huh, you have me thinking about a change in my eating habit. I hadn’t thought of this.
    I love the flannel look.

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    1. Angeline: I switched gears from the Gringo to the Mexican eating schedule not long after moving here. I like it better. I know of Gringos who’ve lived down here for decades, and still have not made the change.


  2. Your flannels remind me that I should tell my family to dress warm if we make the trek through the mountains to your little home town. My sister-in-law wanted to escape the chill in Bend. It will give her a good idea if she prefers the warmth of the beach.


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