The bedroom


THIS APPEARS to be a bedroom. There’s the antique bed that’s been neatly made up. There’s an armoire to the right.

And an apparatus to repair flat tires rests in the foreground, and an electric welder sits between the bed and the armoire which has a picture of Jesus attached.

Someone repairs auto tires and does welding to boot. It also appears to be Home Sweet Home.

The bedroom/business is open to the street. The only thing separating it from the sidewalk is an old, chain-link fence. There’s a makeshift roof overhead. A good night’s sleep would be a challenge beneath rain, lightning, thunder.

Strung vertically is a line with cloth that can be pulled down to make a curtain to hide the sleepyhead from people passing by on the sidewalk late at night.

I snapped this photo through the chain-link fence. There was no one home at the time. Or at work either. It was late Friday afternoon. Perhaps he was out for a beer.

Odds are that this fellow is not married. He appears to be a hard worker. Neat too. He makes up his bed.

And he believes in Jesus.

4 thoughts on “The bedroom

    1. Señor Cotton: Not so different from your bedroom? A man who lives in modern, tropical elegance? I’m sure the fellow who lives in my photo would trade places with you in a micro-moment.

      I get my car washed in the business next door to this place on a regular basis, so I imagine I’ll spot the guy. The bedroom/business is fairly new, though it certainly does not appear to be new. It is though.


  1. The headboard of the bed also has a religious etching, so the bed was free, or the person is into Jesus. That the bed is neatly made up leads me to believe that a woman is possibly the one who lives here, not a man 🙂

    I’m sure you’ll have a pithy reply … and forgive me, but 😁 An emoji to further ruffle your dander.

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    1. Angeline: Even magnified, I cannot tell exactly what that headboard design is, and I have tried, but you may be right. As for a woman living there, I can assure you that it’s a man even though I have never spotted him.

      Do you think men do not make up beds? While many, perhaps most, do not, I myself am quite the bed maker-upper.


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