Hula holidays


I SPOTTED THIS young woman downtown Saturday, across from the main plaza. She dances with Hula Hoops for handouts at traffic lights. It’s clever work.

I’ve seen her both here on the mountaintop and down the mountainside in the capital city. She gets around.

We’re geared up for the holidays. There’s a brief video below that I filmed on the same day. That occasional thump-thump sound comes from workmen off to the left who were building a wooden stage for a huge Nativity Scene.

We had a Christmas tree last year, same size, but it was green, a different material, and one afternoon a kid tossed a match onto it, and it burned to the ground.

I happened to be walking around the plaza when that happened. It was a sight to see. Quite a holiday bonfire. The city had it rebuilt, however, before Christmas day, and this year’s tree seems more fire-resistant.

The entire tree changes colors at night. Quite lovely.

Never a dull moment on the mountaintop, and we never lack for beautiful women either, some with Hula Hoops.

10 thoughts on “Hula holidays

  1. Sometimes I think I have lived my time as I see nothing attractive about nose rings and body piercings. Especially on some of the beautiful young women whose beauty alone would bring attention to them.

    The never ending way to earn money is clever using a hula-hoop plus beneficial to one’s health. In theory the simplest of things can amuse a person.


    1. Pat: I’m okay with earrings, probably because I’ve seen them all my life. My wife is an earring fanatic. But I’m with you on rings in noses, belly buttons, places, uh, farther south, and especially in the tongue, which strikes me as totally icky. Let’s hope it’s a fad that will fade.


    1. Mark: We Mexicans come in all flavors, shapes and sizes, but I get your drift. She does have what one considers a gypsy look to her. When I took the shot on Saturday, I was not completely convinced that she was the Hula Hoop girl because I had always seen her at a bit of a distance at intersections. But then yesterday afternoon, I stopped at a Stop-n-Rob store here. and there she was ahead of me in line, and she had her Hula Hoop over her shoulder. Suspicion confirmed.


  2. I first though it was Sean Penn because the nose ring looked like a mustache.
    Then I saw it looked like a once attractive girl , before she mutilated her lip.


    1. Tancho: Sean Penn indeed. You’re a hoot. But that ring isn’t in her lip. It’s in her nose, perhaps worse. No matter. She’s still good-looking. She also sports fake eyelashes. She really gets dolled up to Hula in the street.


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