Invasion of privacy?

I DON’T USE Google Search. Instead I use the weirdly named DuckDuckGo which hypes itself as “the search engine that doesn’t track you” as does Google, famously.

But I do not dodge Google Search because it tracks me. I don’t give a hoot if it tracks me. I dodge Google whenever possible due to its flagrantly left-wing politics.

I don’t get this privacy thing that excites so many people.

Facebook catches lots of criticism too because of privacy issues. The info that it, Google, and other websites gather, as I understand it, is to fine-tune advertising sent your way.

finalpadlockThis bumfuzzles me. Perhaps a reader can enlighten me. My online connection is 99% via a desktop computer. I use an ad-blocker. I rarely see ads whether they are fine-tuned for me or not.

Why are people worried about their “privacy”? Are they putting Social Security numbers, ATM pin numbers, credit card numbers, etc., in plain view online? Nah.

Those things you should worry about, but Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., do not collect those things.

What am I missing here? Why the hysteria?

6 thoughts on “Invasion of privacy?

  1. Privacy on Facebook strikes me as nonsense. What can be private on a platform that is famous for people posting photographs of themselves in the shower and on the toilet?


    1. Carole: Yes, the cloud concerns me, which is why I don’t put credit card numbers, PINs, Social Security numbers, etc., up there with God.

      Actually, I was thinking the other day that I have no reason to worry about my SS number as do most Americans. I am now almost totally removed from the U.S. financial system. No bank, no credit cards. If someone opened, say, a credit card in my name using my SS number, it would not affect me. The credit bureaus in the U.S. have no connection with the Mexican credit bureau. The miscreant could charge away using my name and SS number, and it would not affect me in any way I can imagine.


  2. Anyone worried about privacy is either just a victim of the fear mongering going on now, or they have something they are A) ashamed of, B) doing illegally.
    I personally don’t care if anyone reads my texts or emails, or follows my internet usage.
    This amazing “free service” that lets you access information from almost anywhere, is worth every bit of “privacy” I have to give up.

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