Barrio holidays

THE ROOSTERS were singing Christmas carols just after dawn in their own style. And neighbors have lights strung up.

Our town is overrun with tourists, mostly Mexican, and it’s not my favorite time of year. Oh, well. What’s a grouch to do?


I’ve often mentioned that we live just one block from a railroad track that hosts passing trains in the night. By luck yesterday I got stopped by one at the crossing. I had my camera.

Sadly, there are no more regular passenger trains in Mexico.

7 thoughts on “Barrio holidays

  1. Holy moly, that’s a lot of noise. All we hear is the occasional explosions from downtown from overly zealous fireworks junkies. Okay, maybe an occasional loud party now and then, but all them roosters every morning?


  2. I like those morning sounds. I do not like confused roosters who start well before daylight (there were a lot of those in Honduras). Perhaps Honduran roosters are not very bright.

    Festive light display up the hill. You should show them an extreme example of light shows above the border.


    1. Ray: I like the morning sounds too. I am almost always up before dawn. Sometimes there is the braying of burros too, but I didn’t notice that today.

      As for dumb Honduran roosters, what we have here that are notably dumber than what one finds above the border are houseflies. They are usually difficult to kill with swatters in the U.S. Here, however, they just placidly sit in place, awaiting death, as you approach. And I do not disappoint them. I wonder why they’re like that.


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