19 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

    1. Mark: And the same to you, of course. Does Santa fly over the Arizona desert? Or are you in New York? I’m never very sure, but common sense would have you in Arizona in the winter. That’s where I would be.


      1. Santa had to fly north into the disgusting cold and snow this year, I’m afraid. Hopefully, we will be catching the next sleigh ride to Arizona in the very near future. Just finished my firefighting course, which kept me here up to Christmas and now looking forward to some long-overdue Arizona sunshine.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your wife. Furthermore, have a great 2017. It will take until at least March, before I can remember to sign my check in the correct year.

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    1. Gracias, Beverly. Don’t know why you were sent to the moderation line. I didn’t do it. I’m optimistic about next year, new president and all up there. What happens in the United States affects the world.

      As for signing checks, that isn’t a problem anymore for me because checks are rarely seen down here. I have checkbooks from both my Mexican banks, but I likely have written less than 10 checks in the past 17 years. Mexico pays things in other ways.


  2. Let’s hope that Trump can deliver on even an eighth or quarter of what he’s promising, and we’ll judge that a success.

    Meanwhile, the Democrats, the mainstream “media,” and the various entrenched interests suckling on the federal teat just aren’t giving the “racist,” “homophobic,” “anti-woman,” and whatever a rest, are they?

    Oh, and the Russians! Whoever thought it’d be the Democrats who unleashed McCarthyism II?

    But let’s not forget that there are forces bigger than Trump — demographics, debt, sense of entitlement, interest rates, stock market valuations, etc — that create a backdrop of considerable constraints.

    But for now, let’s hope for the best.

    Merry Christmas!

    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we are at least in Trump territory, if not in a Trump household.

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    1. Kim: You just get smarter every day, which gives me thrills. After the Miserable Reign of Barry, there is only one way to go, and that is up. How far up remains to be seen. Yes, there are all those other forces you mention. Most Trump fans appear to underestimate their power. Time will tell. My fingers remain crossed. Toes too.

      But don’t think that your voting for Barry in both 2008 and, scandalously, in 2012 too is forgotten. You have much to live down, amigo.


  3. Now I just need to figure out how to properly answer my few remaining Obamalovers, when they say he was such a good president. Some of them have at least accepted the fact that Trump is our next president, even though they keep adding the line, about the popular vote, over and over and over.


    1. Tancho: That so-called popular-vote win of Hillary’s was caused by California which gives driver’s licenses to illegal aliens and then lets them vote. Did the majority of actual U.S. citizens vote for Hillary? I doubt it.

      If you believe polls — and after the pre-election polls had Hillary way ahead, why would you? — Weepy Barry is still liked “personally” by most Americans. I have never found him likable, and I’ve never found him to be a slick talker either. He’s wooden.

      The good news is that next month he will be history. Don’t let the door slap your behind on the way out, Barry. Adiós.


      1. If you don’t mind I would like to interject on this comment, Mr. Zapata.

        When one runs for Office of the President of the United States, one to collect electoral votes not the popular vote. The popular vote is simply whipped cream on your hot chocolate. The hot chocolate is what counts. The whipped cream is just a nice little extra.

        Our founding fathers in their Infinite Wisdom had the forethought to understand that the smaller states and rural areas would not be adequately represented if it were simply a popular vote. Thank God, the popular vote was not the deciding factor in this election for in a very few short years there wouldn’t be much of a democracy left to discuss.


        1. Mark: You can interject on any comment you wish. And if Hillary had won, none of the leftists would be advocating the end of the electoral college. They would be praising the system.


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