Adiós, December


I READ RECENTLY that more people have heart attacks on Christmas Day than on any other day.

The holiday season is not welcomed by many folks. It throws them into a fit of depression. While it does not depress me, the entire month of December is my least favorite.

Christmas doesn’t interest me because I quit believing in Santa when I was 7 years old, and I’m not a Christian, so the religious aspect means nothing. I don’t think it means much to many people, but that’s another issue.

I’m gracious when people wish me Merry Christmas, but my heart’s not in it. Before I moved to Mexico, my favorite day of the year was January First because it’s as distant from the next Christmas season as you can get.

Alas, in Mexico the hysteria continues till January 6, which is Three Kings Day, and that’s when little Mexican kids get their presents, not on Christmas.

My attitude toward Christmas was always a source of much conflict with my second ex-wife who is as pro-Christmas as I am anti. December was painful in our home.

Today is January 1, 2017, a fresh year. I dropped my child bride off last night downtown so she could party almost to the crack of dawn with a mob of her unruly Mexican kin, something she did just a week ago for Christmas.

She’ll come home tomorrow nearly catatonic from lack of sleep while I’ll be fresh as the proverbial daisy.

A few hours prior to dropping her off, I was walking alone down the hill there in the photo. It’s one of our town’s best perspectives. A New Year’s gift to you.

Many thanks to those who give me feedback now and then. I appreciate it. May 2017 treat you well.

For those who stay mum, may 2017 treat you well too.

33 thoughts on “Adiós, December

    1. Steve: Come on down!

      The perspective of the photo does not show clearly how steep that baby is. Looks almost level, but it’s a pain in the keister to climb. Much better descending.


  1. Best of the New Year, Old Son. I share the same feelings about Christmas as you. As you know, my daughter is an Anglican minister. We avoid talking about God stuff entirely. I don’t hate Christmas, I just try an avoid it as best I can. January is indeed a great month. OH, BY THE WAY. Triumph has a new bike out. Look it up, pretty snazzy. You could do this. I’m looking for a smaller Harley, trying to hold up a 980-lb. touring bike just isn’t as fun as it used to be. Wishing you and your wife the very best of the New Year, spark up your imagination and write something special.


    1. Bob: Must be interesting having an Anglican (!) minister as a daughter. I guess she knows that King Henry invented that religion so he could get a divorce. Oh, there are so many reasons I’m not a Christian.

      Beat you to it about the new Triumph. I was admiring it on YouTube just a few weeks ago. Very nice. Now that I’m out of the motorcycle game for good (I think), they go and develop all sorts of amazing rides. Going to Mexico City on the bus not too long ago I noticed an Indian dealership in Toluca.

      Yeah, probably time for you to sell that big baby you have. Get a Sportster. You’d still look cool, and you’d be less likely to fall over, ole bean.

      Use my imagination and write something special? It’s all special. Everything here is really special.


  2. I really enjoy your blog, and your perspective. I hope you have a healthy and happy New Year. We live in a RV and are currently residing in San Diego for one month. All four children and 11 grandchildren are back in Ohio. I do miss Christmas with them. Family gives Christmas meaning for me. Otherwise, I’m not crazy about Christmas. It is a very stressful time for many. Trying to manage expectations of the holiday is difficult, to say the least.

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    1. Señor Davis: I appreciate your kind words. And I hope this year is excellent for your family as well.

      Four children and 11 grandchildren! You are fortunate. I am sure than one reason, likely the main one, that I don’t care for the season is that I have virtually no Gringo family left. One daughter from my first marriage that ended 45 years ago. I’m still awaiting her first visit here. Been waiting the 17 years now. And an impossible sister. Neither of them has children, so no grandkids, no nieces or nephews.

      I do now have Mexican relatives, lots of them, hordes of them. If you have one Mexican relative, you have two handfuls or more. But, aside from my wife and even with her a bit in some respects, we live on different planets. It’s just not the same.


  3. I’ll second the sentiments about December and Christmas. It’s a season of high anxiety, even for this agnostic from an agnostic-to-atheist family. If nothing else, it’s stressful to travel and figure out how to see who and when. Fortunately, its getting better, at least for me. I used to start feeling “Holiday Anxiety” in September, and by Christmas had worked myself into a near fit by December. Now I’ve figured out how to manage the emotions a bit better. And of course to simply enjoy seeing family and friends again.

    As for deaths, there is a statistical uptick in deaths in December and January. But it’s not clear if this isn’t just flu. However, I lost a grandfather in December, and now a stepfather, neither from flu. So maybe there’s something else at work.

    Saludos and have a great 2017!

    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we now need to figure out how to tackle 2017.

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  4. Many shockingly sad happenings for families this season around here. 2016 is a year that will live in infamy for many forever. I guess stuff happens but to me this past year was weighted heavily by tragedy in the season of goodwill and celebration. We look forward to 2017 in anticipation of good things for our country and in our family all blessings abide at this time and for the near term.


    1. Carole: I don’t know specifically to what you refer. I imagine it’s events in your personal life and/or people you know. No matter. I hope the sun shines soon.


      1. It’s personal in the sense that those things happened close to home but not our home. Too sad to contemplate much less to have happen in reality.


    1. Come on back, Patzman. I just read a story a few days ago about how Chile is incredibly susceptible to earthquakes. Had not known that. Return to more stable ground.


  5. A Happy New Year to you and yours and I hope you give us many more years of interesting and informative blog posts. Just to prove how skilled I am in the use of Google Street View, I have determined that you took this picture from 6 Cuesta de Don Vasco de Quiroga. It appears that there is a beautiful old church at the top of that hill where maybe you should have stopped in for a New Years Eve Mass, you know, just to cover all the bases for 2017. I couldn’t resist saying that.


    1. Señor Bowman: Thanks for the positive feedback. I like hearing it, and may 2017 be an excellent one for you, truly.

      As for your Google Street View, I’ve never heard that location labeled in quite that way, but the street is Vasco de Quiroga. As for beautiful old churches, well, they’re all over the place here. Where I stood to take the shot, there was one behind me and to the left, and another, a genuine Basilica, behind me, a block over, and to the right, so …

      We’ve no shortage of churches. And as for my going to Mass or any other sort of church service, except for accidents, that hasn’t happened in many decades. I encourage others to do it, however. I like it that others embrace organized religion.

      With the exception, of course, of Mohammedans.


  6. Señor Zapata: I am usually one of the “mum” ones, but you have coerced me out. I am in the great white north, two borders up from you so have some Mexico envy at the moment. Have a great 2017.



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    1. Ah, I’ve smoked one out! Thanks for chiming in, Paul. Feel free to do so in the future. Fact is, from what I’ve read, the overwhelming majority of people who read blogs never utter a peep. I wonder why. That’s certainly been my experience because I have access to the actual number of visitors, and it’s always far more than those who comment.

      In Canada, eh? In January. I do not envy you. We have a Canadian couple who own the house next to our downtown Casita. They’re just part-timers, but they’re here now.

      May 2017 be good to you too.


  7. Happy New Year to you & your child bride, Felipe. As for the weather here in NE Ohio, Cleveland, area, it was sunny with blue skies and temps above freezing. The positive side to having all of those churches is that if you ever need one it won’t be far away. There’s humor there, ole bean, & I couldn’t resist since my religious feelings mirror yours.


    1. Smokesilver: And the same to you, of course. We too have blue skies and temps above freezing. It’s nice. However, you’ll be knee-deep in snow before springtime. Yipes.

      So, we are co-religionists, so to speak. Interesting. I find it to be the best, most reasonable, approach.


  8. Happy New Year, young man. I think I found your site in about 2007, but am not sure of that date. Your posts and coffee start all my days. I even feel a little twinge of disappointment if I don’t find a new post each day.

    Hope you have a great year.


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    1. Buenos dias, Dan. From 2007, eh? A decade now and only two years after I got started. I appreciate your steadfastness and excellent taste.

      Hope you have a great year too.


  9. I want to wish you and your extended Mexican family a happy new year. I realized upon reading your writing that I had lapsed into lurker status. Sometimes, when things are well said, there isn’t much to be added. Happy New Year!

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    1. Señor Gill: Just a couple of days ago I was wondering where you had flown off to. I thought maybe you had fallen into some misfortune. Glad to see that is not the case.

      Yes, let us hope that 2017 is great for all of us. Trump’s winning the election is a step in the proper direction. At least we have that.


  10. Ojala! Let’s hope and pray he can pull it off. There are a lot of sore losers out there. They will try to sabotage his plans. He could walk on water, and CNN and MSNBC would report that his toes are wet.

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    1. Hi, Ray, my favorite Alabaman (Alabamian?). Nope, guess it’s not what it used to be. My preferred Christmases took place before I was 7, before I found out they were just messing with me about the Santa thing. I don’t think I’ve ever fully recovered.

      Happy 2017 to you and the Redhead, the kids, the grandkids. You’re a lucky man in many respects. Believe it.

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