10 thoughts on “By the fireplace

  1. Our walls are pretty much at capacity for new purchases of hanging or standing art. Still look, though, just in case.


  2. Judging by the photos you’ve posted of your kitchen, you have a lot of tolerance for a lively visual field.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we are attempting, ever so slowly, to declutter mom’s house a bit.

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  3. Very nice, but the thing that caught my attention is the dragon? head sculpture. That is so cool. Is it Aztec or Costco? (lol) Love that stuff.


    1. Brian: Costco indeed. You’re a funny fellow. Dragon? Who knows? Let’s call it mythical and likely of Aztec design. I bought it in a small town about 10 miles from here. There’s an enormous business along the highway there that hand carves such stuff from cantera stone. Just about anything you can dream up can be found there. Great prices too.

      There’s an identical dragon on the other side of the fireplace. Twins.


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