Night lights


WHEN WE built the Hacienda 14 years ago, we installed a motion-activated light out in the carport. When we drive in at night, it illuminates a nice section of the yard.

It goes out after three minutes.

Alas, that light only exists when we arrive from the street. When we walk out of the house toward the carport at night, there is total blackness on moonless evenings.

You can’t even see the sidewalk.

Now, after all these years of stumbling around in the dark out there, I hired an electrician who installed another motion-activated light just where you see it in the photo.

I am a slow learner. Perhaps a bit stupid.

Now, when we exit the downstairs veranda heading thataway, the light flicks on, and the path ahead is unmistakable.

¡Qué bueno!

There to the rear where you see a raised stone-and-concrete semicircle is where there was a humongous stand of banana trees. I had them removed two years ago.

Hanging on the wall is a big ceramic frog. That’s aloe vera to the left, and a towering nopal tree to the right with a big maguey in the nearer, right, foreground.

Looks a little spooky at night.

I’m really proud of the new light and wonder why the Devil I didn’t install it over a decade ago.

There’s another motion-activated light in the Garden Patio out back if you’re ever thinking of sneaking in here.

9 thoughts on “Night lights

  1. We have a motion-activated light on one side of our backyard. When I let dogs out of the house in the dark of the early morning, the light has always been triggered during darkness. And I always wonder who has been silently prowling the backyard as we slept.


  2. I have a motion-detector light over my front door. At night, finding the keyhole (since there is no door handle) is a bit tricky. I suspect it may be our briny air, but something has caused the light to illumine (when it does; which is not often) to stay lit just long enough for me to get my key near the door. Then all goes dark. Darrel and I need to drag out the ladder to do a bit of fixin’.


    1. Señor Cotton: Ole Felipe comes to the rescue. Download a flashlight app to your cell phone. I have one, and it never leaves me in the dark.

      One might wonder: So why didn’t you use your cell flashlight to walk the sidewalk before installing the new light? Answer: Because I never thought of it till this moment.


  3. We live in what could best be called “a difficult neighborhood.” The kids want us to move, but we have been here so long that we are comfortable here. So they installed security lights all around the house. At sundown, the place gets lit up like a used-car lot. Better so that the thieves can see what they are stealing.


    1. Señor Gill: You have told me the circumstances of your neighborhood, of course. I think your unwillingness to move perhaps is less due to your being comfortable there than it would just be a big bother. And a financial hit to boot.

      Well, at least you’re all lit up.


      1. The neighbors put in those motion detecting lights. But we live with a feral cat colony. The lights went off and on all night. Finally, they just left the lights on all night also.


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