Adiós, Barry

Pantywaist on wheels. Good grief!

THE NATIONAL embarrassment is over. Barry’s out. Let us praise the Goddess for this overdue gift.

The worst president in American history, inexplicably left in the Oval Office for eight numbing years, is gone.

Have there been other presidents equally incompetent? Yes. But there has not been one in modern times, in this world made small by dangerous technology.

Barack Hussein Obama won the presidency for just one reason: In spite of being mulatto, he passed for black in these politically correct times. And enough people swooned.

They swooned so heavily that Barry won the reputation for eloquence, which was a total myth. Without a teleprompter, his speeches were slow, wooden, passionless.

I won’t detail his sins. There aren’t enough gigabytes. The swooners don’t see them, and the rest of us already know them. The curious can see a good list by rereading my post from last March entitled Trump: the Reaction.

And now we have Donald Trump. America goes from one extreme to the other. The next four — or perhaps even eight — years will be interesting.

Hold onto your sombrero.

And now, America the Beautiful:

27 thoughts on “Adiós, Barry

  1. I feel like our country was akin to the Titanic and sinking fast, and we’ve just been thrown a lifeboat. We’ll see how this goes, but certainly there is a sense of anticipation and optimism amongst those who believe in the nation state. Time will tell for sure.


    1. Mark: While I am very happy Hillary lost, I am not optimistic over the long run. I think the United States is in cultural collapse. That applies to the wider Western Civilization too. Trump will slow that down a bit, but over the long run … we’ll see.

      Americans are spoiled rotten, mostly clueless about how good they’ve got it and the world beyond the borders. This is particularly true of the young.


      1. There is a real divide in the country. Those who believe in Traditional Values and those who believe in, I suppose, globalism and ultimately Anarchy and free shit. I’ve long held to the belief that the country is due for a division, and we could start by allowing California to go its own way. There are enough people in this country who are hard-working patriotic Americans to Form our own Union based upon principles of democracy, liberty and true equality for all. The rest of the schmucks, I say let them fend for themselves.


        1. Mark: Cutting California loose isn’t realistic, so let’s just put all the Californians on ships, and point them west off the coast. The small percentage of Californians who voted for Trump are exempted. They can stay. Not only that, we can gift them the best homes in San Francisco and Malibu.


  2. Eight years ago I decided to move to Mexico and I haven’t been back since. I owe Obama a debt of gratitude for helping me make this decision although I thought the choice of McCain wasn’t any better. It is hard to believe it could have been any worse than Obama’s two terms in office.


    1. A frenemy of mine from law school was a political heiress. Her grandfather had been governor, then senator, and her father was someone important in the SEC. None of them got rich, so all she had was her pride. But she never let others forget, never mind that there were others in my class who came from similar ancestries, and even more recent ones. She would do all right, marrying a justice, and we would keep in touch every few years, even though we had nothing in common other than graduating in the same law school class. She was a dedicated Democrat, the yellow dog kind, but she was also a realist. On this day in 2008, while I was bitching and moaning about Obama, she caught me up short with “You had your turn, now it’s our turn. Eight years from now, you’ll have your turn again.” And that shut me up, at least for the moment. And never mind how much she may have stomped the earth for Hillary, she had to have known that today we’d be inaugurating someone else.

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      1. PS: I furthermore do not recall the numerous GOP lawmakers who refused to attend Barry’s inaugurations. Nor do I recall showbiz types being threatened with boycotts and worse for performing. No, I don’t remember any of those things because they did not happen.

        Conservatives are polite.


  3. Well, hopefully, it is over. We may see the end of our long national nightmare of unemployment and government dependency. Some of it willfully done, and some it the result of the globalists’ wanting to bring up the nine billion people of the world upon the backs of the people of North America and Europe.

    It won’t work. The result will be universal poverty.

    The leftist elite are dumbfounded. Now they are looking for ways to sabotage the will of the people.

    Did they really expect us to swallow their lies? Hillary promised free college education just like Obama promised free medical care for which no one would have to pay. Nothing is free except a hard time and the common cold.

    Trump promised jobs. Let us hope and pray he can deliver.


    1. Señor Gill: I just this minute finished watching Trump’s speech on YouTube. It was good. I’m sure Barry was sitting there thinking, God, get me out of here ASAP.


  4. Yes, they flew off right away in a helicopter to the airbase. From there they took a plane to Palm Springs. I am pretty sure they will stay away from Chicago, but they may intend to haunt Washington D.C. in the future.

    Next question, will the Obama phones still work? Every bum and wino seems to have one.


  5. Sadly, there is a lot of misguided energy that has been nurtured the last eight years, if not more. Just think what could be done if all those whiny spoiled brats actually contributed something except making life difficult by disrupting traffic, commutes and peaceful life for the citizens who just want to get on with life.

    It will be nice to see a change. Hopefully, something can get accomplished that will help the middle class.


  6. He will succeed or not depending on whether or not he solves the real problem by “draining the swamp”. He made comments in his speech that attacked the congress & lobbyists. We will see who wins.

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  7. Well, my wife tells me that the Obamas’ plane had to over fly Palm Springs and land in Riverside.
    We are indeed in a real fix. So many of our people are living off of the social welfare system, not so much that they want to, but that they have to.
    And those still working cannot keep the system alive. The solution seemed to be to steal from the future with debt. It was the Obama answer.
    That will only work for a while. The chickens will come home to roost pretty darn soon.
    It will not be pretty.
    Hopefully, Trump can bring jobs back.


    1. Señor Gill: No matter what Trump does, it will be far better than what Hillary would have done. And what Barry has done or not done. I’m happy.

      By the way, did you notice that Barry’s sphincter snapped shut completely when Trump said “Islamic terrorism”? It was fun.


  8. Well, Trump is off to a very energetic start. I don’t agree with his view on global warming, and I’m afraid that he’ll swing the pendulum too far away from environmental protection. But he’s certainly delivering on promises, and plans are being drawn up for the wall.

    Meanwhile, Peña Nieto seems to having a fit of particular cluelessness. Rumor has it that he’s planning to cancel a visit with Trump. Bad move, IMHO. Whether one likes it or not, Mexico is a weak client state of the USA. As soon as EPN (and the rest of the Mexican elites, including Vicente Fox) realizes that he can either make a bad deal or an atrociously terrible deal, only then will he be in a position to try to somewhat influence events.

    Frankly, he could do far worse than to negotiate with Trump that the wall be on the Mexican side, built with Mexican steel, concrete, and labor. If he’s really slick, he can get the gringos to finance it over some ridiculously long term, like 100 years, and then sell it domestically as a jobs program.

    However, I seriously doubt he’s that smart. So Mexico will be screwed. And it’s rather amusing to watch leftists wring their hands over the wall. The wall won’t hurt Mexico’s legitimate economy. But what will hurt is if the USA simply steps away from NAFTA.

    I wish Mexico the best, but it’s in a terrible position, and reacting badly to boot. Check this article: And an amusing quote by unnamed Canadian officials: “Our negotiating positions are totally different. Mexico is being hung out of a skyscraper window by its feet,” said a second government source.”Mexico is in a terrible, terrible position. We are not,” said another Canadian person involved on the trade file.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA


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