Snowflake melt

ANYONE WHO ventures beyond the regressive, internet dumps of Huffpost, Salon, Slate, Politico, etc., has grown accustomed to seeing left-wing lunatics blubbering over the Brave New World of Donald J. Trump.

These people, who are known as snowflakes due to their propensity to melt down, are hilarious to watch.

Here’s one from yesterday. Enjoy!

I imagine that after regaining a measure of composure, this young alleged woman stood up to bust more car windows in the name of LGTBPDQ Rights and “Free Palestine!”

17 thoughts on “Snowflake melt

  1. Well, what do you suppose that creature does for a living? Is it a brick layer, a truck driver, a carpenter, a butcher? Just how does it make a living? I say it, because it clearly is either a non-feminine woman or a non-masculine man. I hope the check it gets from George Soros bounces.

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    1. Señor Gill: Though the gender is a bit unclear, I’m guessing it was born female, and I’m further guessing she’s a college student. Little hard to pin down an age category too.


    1. Señor Gill: I favor the General Pinochet approach. Round up and deposit in sports stadium in the sun. Then deny to one and all that there is anyone in said stadium.


      1. We were in Mexico City just after the fall of the Allende government. The hotel was full of refugees from Chile. The staff hated them. I guess they never tipped. Neither did the Russians that were staying there.
        I saw the waiter drop the plate of toast; he just picked it off of the floor and served it to them.
        It was the Hotel Versailles. Later during the earthquake, it fell down. People were like jam between the layers of concrete.


  2. Snowflakes are a pathetic annoyance. Looters and rioters must be stopped. Once a peaceful protest becomes violent it’s time to break out the teargas and rubber bullets. The “stand and watch” policy has run its course.

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