The satellite

SOME WHILE back, I got irritated at WordPress and began searching for other options to mouth off.

That led me to Tumblr where I started a website. It didn’t pan out, and I haven’t posted anything there in quite a spell. The big problem with Tumblr is that it takes too long to load.

So I stayed here on WordPress.

The Tumblr website, dubbed the Satellite Moon, still sits there, in blazing color, with some fun and interesting stuff, mostly about Mexico, but not entirely.  It’s eclectic. And no politics!

So this is a plug. If you have free time,  take a look:

11 thoughts on “The satellite

  1. Your problem is that moons can’t have moons. Violates some kind of cosmic principle. Sorry.


    Kim G
    Redding, Ca
    Where we remain far from our normal orbit.


  2. P.S. I don’t personally much like the interface over there at Tumblr either. A second blog might work better with a different interface.


    1. Kim: Tumblr is chockablock with defects. I realized that after not spending too much time fussing with it. No matter. WordPress and I have patched up our differences for now.

      Fact is that free blog providers are not numerous, and most of them are not worth warm spit. I like free.

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      1. I like WordPress. I even went so far as to set up a dummy blogger/blogspot accout to compare the two. WordPress was the clear winner, IMHO. It’s much easier to use, doesn’t have that clumsy “prove you’re not robot crap,”and has much more beautiful templates. Actually, I should just say it has beautiful templates. I have yet to see a visually appealing blogger/blogspot blog.


        1. Kim: WordPress is a Lamborghini, and Blogger is a Model T. There is no comparison whatsoever. That people still use Blogger is a source of constant amazement, especially when it’s so easy to switch. Well, easy enough.


  3. I slipped over to the Satellite side, listened to “The Last Cowboy Song.” I an unabashed Willie Nelson fan, neat to here him on that. I listen to “Classic Country” out of Ohio Saturdays and Sundays, the Chubby Howard show, to be exact. Mostly, all the old country artists, not much on the new country, give it a listen if you get a chance.


    1. Bob: That’s not Willie singing “The Last Cowboy Song” over there. It’s a guy named Ed Bruce. But I like Willie too, or at least I did when he was younger. I think now he’s grown really lazy. Lots of his performances in recent years seem to have been done out of obligation more than anything, like he was phoning it in from a golf course. He ain’t the ole Willie anymore.


      1. Willie sings one verse in the song. Yes, I saw him here in Vancouver a few years ago. His bus was rolling out before we got to the parking lot, but I got to see him at least. Never got to see Ray Price, sorry about that.


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