Come on home!

I’M GETTING a kick out of watching the Mexican government’s reacting on Twitter to Trump’s new reality.

mexico-flagIt’s publicizing lots of support for illegals (of course, we don’t call them that. They are, ahem, “migrants.”) who return to Mexico.

Free food, free transport from the Mexico City airport — which is where the U.S. often deposits illegals — to bus stations, bus tickets, phone cards with 30 pesos of free time.

From the Mexico City bus stations, the miscreants can return to their homes elsewhere in Mexico.

And they can call their wives, their girlfriends, their 12 children, their abuelas, abuelos, tios, tias, primos, primas, sobrinas, sobrinos, the parish priest, everyone with the free phone* to advise of their imminent arrival.

Here comes Papi!

The Mexican government also is promoting guidelines on how to act if you’re nabbed by U.S. immigration.

This is all new stuff.

The Mexican government has also announced plans to widen trade with other nations so not to be so economically tied to the United States. This is good for Mexico, lessening somewhat our dependency on the American tit.

Also on Twitter, Mexico’s federal government is promoting products made in Mexico, “Hecho en México.”

And we do make dang fine products.

These are just some of the many positive effects of Trumpism. I send a tip of the sombrero to The Donald.

* * * *

* Like one of those freebie Obama Phones, one imagines, but with fringe hanging off the bottom.

6 thoughts on “Come on home!

  1. I had a conversation with a local store owner last night. He is ordering new merchandise from England in an attempt to broaden the import products on his shelves. I congratulated him. We are living in a changing world, and he is taking advantage of the way cleared by Brexit and the Trump election.


  2. Well, I’m glad to see that some concrete steps are finally being taken. Outrage only gets you so far.

    And surely there should be at least some people on the left who like the idea of families being reunited with their fathers, no?


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we think politics stateside has become something of a blood sport.


    1. Kim: Down here, lefties or normally clear-thinking conservatives, the overriding emotion is to be offended big-time. We cannot cross the border whenever we feel like? Outrageous! The Gringos stole half our country from us after all. We demand our rights!


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