Beautiful day

Side dish of orchid* with morning croissants.

VALENTINE’S DAY is one of our anniversaries. It marks the day we began living together, and that was in my child bride’s condo in Mexico City in 2002.

We made it legal a bit more than two months later, a civil ceremony held in the interior patio of her sister’s coffee shop here on the mountaintop.

While February is normally one of the coldest months hereabouts, this year so far is an exception. We have not had one freeze. A bit of frost last month, but that was it.

We aren’t out of the woods, and we can’t see the light at the tunnel’s end, but I detect a candle glow down there.

Just this morning, I finished the culling of dead plants from the yard, stuff nailed by those January frosts. It all rests in a greenish pile in the Garden Patio, and I’ll hire Abel the Deadpan Neighbor to haul it away very soon.

My lovely wife seems finally to be recovering from a nasty cold caused by her being phoned at 1 a.m. last Thursday as the wake for our nephew began. Yes, 1 a.m. Who starts a wake at 1 a.m.? Mexicans do. Sometimes.

The wake was held on the street with bonfires outside the nephew’s humble home. It was cold and smoky.

She had not slept the previous night either due to spending it at the nephew’s hospital bedside in the state capital. She was mostly awake for 48 hours. Who wouldn’t get sick?

But today things appear to be returning to normal. It’s a beautiful anniversary day,  air is cool, sky is blue, and we’ll lunch on roasted chicken, beans and rice.

* * * *

* Orchid courtesy of the Cotton family who recently visited the mountaintop.

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    1. Thanks, Connie. I just found your comment in the trash file. Why? Got no idea. WordPress used to direct “suspicious” comments to spam. Now they go to Trash. Tsk, tsk.


  1. Was in your area last week and it really was cold. Wasn’t expecting it to be that cold and rainy. Hope “Child Bride” is feeling better with each day. This post was a lovely Beautiful Day, Anniversary and Valentines Day filled with nice….enjoy

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    1. Thanks, Peggy, and yes, it gets quite frigid here in the wintertime. I like it because it keeps more Gringos from moving to the mountaintop. Visitors are fine, however. Feel free to visit again.


  2. so sorry to hear about your nephew passing away. what a tough time for his wife and kids. he was too young to pass away but no one knows when our time will come so we all need to make the most of every day.

    steve and i enjoyed our 3 weeks in mexico. we just got back on friday night-back to the cold and rain. God willing next year at this time we will be in FL in our future 5th wheel. we want to spend some time with steve’s dad who will be 88 in may and of course, visiting my family in miami.

    still hoping to meet you and your child bride in a few years-maybe in 2019.

    take care,
    teresa la cubana en lake stevens


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