Mood piece

JUST CAME in from the morning walk around the plaza, and I’m in a good mood, which is the norm.

It’s common to see people in bad moods. You can see it on their faces. Some are young with their lives ahead of them while I am old and my life is mostly behind me.

No matter. I’m almost always in a good mood. Maybe because it’s too late to worry. That time has passed.

Coming in from my plaza walk, I poured a glass of green juice and sat on a rocker here on the veranda and looked around me. It was so nice I decided to share.

The camera was just inside the door, sitting on a table.

We haven’t had one hard freeze so far, which is rare. It could still happen. The peach tree would be shocked because it’s full of pink blooms, thinking it’s springtime.

You’d think that plants and weather would be better coordinated, that they’d have meetings or something.

I shot the video for you, my internet amigos. It’s both a mood piece and a brag piece. It illustrates what’s possible with a little planning, a modicum of money and courage.

As I type this, a couple of hours later, my child bride is downstairs frying chiles, the punch of which is wafting upstairs and almost bowling me over. That happens.

You sauté raw chiles, and you’ve got a fight on your hands.

She’ll dump them in the pot of beans that will accompany the roasted chicken on the menu for lunch.

Roasted chicken, beans and rice are good for the mood.

10 thoughts on “Mood piece

  1. Lovely, peaceful video. As for moods, there’s really no point in being in a bad mood if you can possibly help it. Life goes on whether you are optimistic or not. Glad you’re in the former camp.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where the rain has dampened moods a bit, but fortunately not drowned them.


  2. Señor Zapata. It’s me again from great white north. Nice view, thanks. Just wondering what the temps are like now this time of year. Are you now personally converted to the “C” system or are you living in the “F” world. I wonder when your Americano homeland might consider the leap. We have been using the metric system since about mid-1970s so hardly comprehend as to what a F temp is anymore. I saw Steve C’s post about his SIL thinking it was chilly in the AM, but for us Canucks I bet it would be just fine.


    1. Hola, Paul. Even after 17 years here, there are some aspects to the metric system that I cannot get my mind around. Temperature is one. You know how you immediately have a sense of the temp when a number is mentioned? I still have that with Fahrenheit. I do not have it with Celsius. They are still just numbers to me. I connect the Celsius numbers with an actual temp feeling only very vaguely.

      On the other hand, kilometers per hour and meters for measuring, I have no trouble with. Meters especially, which are far better than feet and inches, as I’m sure you know. It helps that a meter is almost exactly a yard.

      To answer your question, generally in January and February it usually goes into the 30s (Fahrenheit) at night, often freezing. But it warms to the 70s in the afternoon. On rare years, it does not freeze at all. This has been one of those years, so far. Once we passed through January and February with no freeze and then it zapped us good once or twice in March. I do hope that does not happen this year. Plays hell with the yard.

      I don’t think the United States will ever make the leap to metric. Too much resistance.


    1. Carole: Houston, of course, was my final home above the Rio Bravo. It’s a great place, or it was when I was there. My wife wants to return soooo badly. What she mentions most is an Asian buffet, a huge place, that’s on Bellaire Blvd. just off Greenbriar. She thinks that place alone is sufficient cause to fly to Houston. She’s almost right. I imagine it’s still there. It opened in the early 1990s, I think, and it was even better when we last ate there about 2005. It’s spectacular. Should give it a try while you’re there. Send a photo.


      1. Thanks for the recommendation. I didn’t know about it until now but no doubt it’s still there. There are so many Asians in this town, mainly at Rice U and the Health Science Center furthering their education, and they all have restaurants on the side.


        1. Carole: I’ve long forgotten the name. The place is incredible, huge, and the dishes are Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and God knows what else. And it’s cheap to boot. It’s definitely on Bellaire Blvd. I’m 90 percent sure the nearby cross street is Greenbriar, but if it’s not, it’s one stoplight over, in one direction or the other. As you’re driving away from the 610 Loop, not toward it, the place will be on your right just before a stoplight.


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