Chet Baker moments

JAZZ GREAT Chet Baker provided musical backdrop to this video of a living room corner on a recent morning.

The tick, tock, tick, tock you hear is coming from an off-camera antique wall clock that I inherited years ago from a great aunt. The clock was made in the 1880s.

It chimes on the hour and half-hour too.

4 thoughts on “Chet Baker moments

  1. Chet Baker. I saw him in person two times and I have a number of his albums. The tune sounds like “It Never Entered My Mind”. He led a really messed up life, but his playing (and singing) was serene. Thanks for the moments.

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    1. Señor Bowman: Yes, Baker was a first-class mess and drug addict. Quite the musician though. Fell — or was pushed — out of his hotel window in Amsterdam in 1988. R.I.P.


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