Out of the dark

DARKNESS IS the new black.

The leftist media has cited “darkness” repeatedly since the election of President Trump. The Washington Post, more leftist even than The New York Times, recently added “Democracy Dies in Darkness” to its online masthead.

The Post says it has nothing to do with Trump.

Yeah, right.

I don’t want to be associated with leftists and their dark obsessions in any form, so I am abandoning entirely the dark photos I’ve used here for avatars for a long time.

Gone is the black hat and the dark bebop cap in black & white photos. I am out of the cave. The new face to the world is this, which was taken about 12 years ago.


I am enjoying a churro* in the restaurant owned in downtown San Miguel de Allende by Mexican actress Margarita Gralia.


While I added this photo to my comments avatar weeks ago, it was only today that I made it official by adding it to the Felipe Page up thataway.

This change has lifted a darkness from my spirit. I feel more upbeat, happier and fulfilled. Let’s leave the darkness to Democrats and other sourpusses.

Conservatives are happy, colorful people.

* * * *

* Churros sometimes are sold filled with something like chocolate. This is an abomination. Churros should always be eaten au naturel.

28 thoughts on “Out of the dark

  1. Ah, Felipe, the WP and the NYT may be leftist but they have uncovered a series of scoops even more delicious than any churro in Pátzcuaro, wouldn’t you say? Or would you rather not know what our leaders are up to?

    BTW I had meant to congratulate you on a series of b/w photos in your blog. Really nice.

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    1. Señor Lanier: The newspapers in question are indeed digging into whatever they can find. Whether they have found or will find anything of note is questionable. If evidence is lacking, they will invent or twist something. Be sure of that. That they did no digging whatsoever during the previous administration of their hero Barry is well known.

      You did congratulate me on my photos before, and I thank you again. I need to get out there with my camera again. Haven’t been doing it much of late.

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  2. Great that you are stepping away from all the negativity that can permeate cyber space. Love the new photo and churros!! Let those that want go suck their thumbs in another universe than mine or yours..

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      1. PPS: I went and bought a huge coil of Churros near the plaza. Drove over 10 miles to get that yummy sweet and it was almost gone by the time I got home. Thanks!


  3. Why be dark when you can be colored? That’s right, from now on I’m going to be a colored person. Not a person of color, mind you, since I’m about the whitest of your readers, but my hair qualifies me as colored.


  4. “Dark” is an engineered persuasion word. It was probably created by Robert Cialdini, an expert in persuasion and professor psychology. Cialdini helped the Obama presidential campaigns, and is believed to have helped the HRC campaign. The sudden and widespread use of such an unusual (for politics) word can only be the result of its careful engineering and deployment. It is part of the psychological operations wing of the now-insane Democratic party.

    Watch out for such things; they are neither random nor innocent.

    Thanks for siding with the light.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where only the weather is dark.


    1. Kim: I saw a good number of news videos from different networks on Election Night after it became obvious that Trump had defeated Hillary. The “dark” word was being tossed about like popcorn. It also appeared often the next day in the print media.



      1. That’s proof positive that it is an engineered term, ready to deploy. What are the odds that all those people separately and independently thought about using the term “dark?” Approximately zero, is the answer. They were instructed to use the term “dark.”

        By the way, “dark” was the response to DT’s Republican convention speech. It predates election night. At the Republication convention, the term was already teed up well before DT had even so much as inhaled his first breath on stage that evening.


    1. Carole: I maintain that anything deep-fried should be fried in clean cooking oil. Sometimes it doesn’t happen down here, however. It’s an imperfect world in which we reside.

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    1. Holy Moly, Tancho. I hope nobody mistakes me for a young Fidel. Anyway, if you click on the photo it gets much larger, and the churro is more obvious.


  5. Luv stopping in at the San Augustine for a churro or Three after a show at the Peralto… You have great taste in nibbles!

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    1. Dan: Is that the name of the place? I had forgotten. We haven’t been in there in the past few years. It’s always jammed to the rafters with customers.


  6. Re: your directive about eating churros au naturel, just so I’ve got this straight, you’re saying we’re supposed to eat them nude … right??


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