Poor black folks

LEFTISTS LOVE to scream racist at all contrary opinions.

And they love all black people and know them to be oppressed by whites. Problem is that black folks in America have not been oppressed by whites since around the 1940s.

That’s the early part of the previous century. And then only in some neighborhoods.

Here’s a video by an intelligent woman who will ‘splain to you why so many blacks in America are poor.

Nutshell: It ain’t racism. It ain’t lack of equal opportunity.

It’s bad behavior. It’ll get you every time.

14 thoughts on “Poor black folks

  1. Their leadership (J. Jackson, A. Sharpton) have hammered “oppressed” into their way of thinking and that’s that as far as black folks are concerned.


    1. Carole: That is too often so. There are some blacks who are enlightened on this issue. The young woman in the video is a good example. However, they are too few roaming the landscape.

      It used to puzzle and horrify me that Bill O’Reilly used to have Sharpton on his show, treating him like a normal individual, which Sharpton clearly is not. O’Reilly finally wised up, and we don’t see Sharpton on Fox any longer.


  2. It was refreshing to listen to this black woman. I was able to understand 100% of what she said, unlike other representatives of her ethnicity. Somewhere it was deemed okay to deviate from common useful language that is required to find a job, and co-exist in society. Someone decided that it is not required, thereby exhibiting one’s educational level by what comes out of their mouth.

    First impressions mean a lot. I wish more people would understand that. Basic education is the key. Too bad some people just don’t get it.


    1. Tancho: She’s a first-generation American, one step removed from Nigeria. Sounds like her parents were some tough customers, discipline-wise, but the results are there for all to see in her.

      It’s a parenting method too often ignored among the nation’s ghetto-dwellers.

      She did not mention it, but Jamaicans, who are also usually black, when they move to the U.S., far more often than not, also prosper. They tend to settle in New York. And they speak good English.


      1. She talks about not being allowed to date until she was in college, and having children only when you can afford it. Man, what a concept! More people should see her video, but they would probably caller her an Aunt Tom.


  3. The legislation of “tolerance” did not solve our problems. Blacks were strung-up, persecuted, prosecuted unjustly, and discriminated against well into the 1970s.

    Unspeakable acts were overlooked, especially in the deep south. The real effect of this legislated tolerance was political correctness. This political correctness created deep seated hatred which finally culminated into the election of Donald Trump.

    The other result was riots, a welfare state, and a feeling of entitlement among minorities.

    What these bleeding heart liberals fail to understand is segregation is actually a good thing. Yes, I love diversity in culture in a big city. It makes that city exciting and interesting. Trying to integrate these cultures on the same street or neighborhood is a mistake.

    I truly believe all this legislated tolerance and political correctness has lead to an intimate dark time in our history, the election of Donald Trump.

    When we finally allow neighborhoods to become truly segregated, survival of the fittest will make our country great again, not Donald Trump. People who enjoy diversity will cross into neighborhoods and those who don’t will stay where they feel they belong.

    All this legislated tolerance and diversity has resulted in the middle class taking their eye off the ball. What we have now is economic injustice for the majority of our citizens. While we’ve been “fighting” for “equal rights,” corporations have been silently screwing our first financial well-being, anesthetizing us with cheap electronics and comfort food.


    1. Wow, Dave. You covered everything from A to Z.

      Yes, some blacks were mistreated on into the early 1970s, but it was not legal, and it was not widespread. And even then it was almost half a century ago. Most blacks alive today had either not been born or were in diapers. Blacks today, and for a good spell now, are not oppressed. Quite the contrary.

      Yes, PC contributed mightily to the election of Trump, deservedly so.

      And as I’ve repeated a million times, enforced multiculturalism is a dreadful idea and usually only leads to mayhem and violence. One can look around the U.S. today and see that clearly. Diversity is not something to be encouraged. It is a problem to be dealt with as kindly as is humanly possible.

      As for corporations, I love corporations. They make cars and trucks. They make supermarkets. They make computers. They make airplanes and lawn mowers. The list is almost endless. The error is thinking their role is anything other than profit. It isn’t, and it shouldn’t be. Other elements of society are better suited for the do-gooder game.


        1. Dave: She is by no means alone. There are lots like her. However, their voices often get drowned out by the hordes of the professionally disgruntled.


  4. A prediction: No one living in the U.S. with an actual job will give any feedback on this post, a result of the reign of terror by PC forces. You can actually lose your job and be socially shunned by expressing the “wrong opinion” on this sort of thing.

    Sad state of affairs.


  5. Black America has fallen victim to the Democratic Party and its welfare state. When we were young, black families had fathers. But the subsequent welfare state of the great war on poverty ruined that.

    Now we have several generations of black men who grew up in fatherless families. They are men that do not know how to be men.

    The prisons are full of black men who are in there because they did bad things, usually to other black folks. And yet the black community blames white people for all of their problems.

    The Judas goats of the Democratic Party use these poor folks without mercy. They have sold them on idea of victimization. How it will all end, I don’t know. But I am pretty sure it will not be pretty.


    1. Señor Gill: What is not commonly known is that a century ago, black families, for the most part, were more intact and better off financially than today. They were segregated, of course, a big problem that I am not discounting, the elephant in the room.

      As to how it will all end, we’re seeing how it ends in the U.S. very clearly. It’s ending right now. Pan to street rioting.


  6. The street rioting is just beginning. It seems as if George Soros and the Rothchilds are going to finance a rage against President Trump in an attempt to destroy his presidency.
    They are waiting for May. Rioting in inclement weather is not a good idea.


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