Sweet diversity

ALL YOU need is love. This nutty notion was born in the 1960s with the hippies, and it’s traveled down the years branded into the hearts of the hippies’ children and grandchildren.

The concept’s basic error is that all cultures are of equal value, that people around the world think the same.

The basic error is why so many support open borders, both literally and figuratively.

Open borders in Europe has led to Amsterdam and Sweden and Paris where Mohammedans run amok.

Closer to home, it’s led to places like Dearborn, Michigan, where now live lots of people who want to murder you.

Blame the Beatles. And ignorance.

9 thoughts on “Sweet diversity

  1. This will not end well. You and I will probably be gone when it goes bad, but I fear for my children and grandchildren.


    1. Señor Gill: One of the many wonderful things about living in Mexico and being Mexican is that the percentage of the population here that is Mohammedan is somewhere around 0.00001 percent.

      Maybe less.


  2. They have all the time in the world, generation by generation, and nobody can do anything about it because it would be politically incorrect.

    You can’t tell millions of people they have to leave because they don’t want to be Americans. You let them in, now what? Kinda like termites, a few start, then multiply. Then before you know it, the whole foundation is ruined. Or perhaps, a better description would be, like the plague. All from within.


  3. Wow! Does the person responsible for this video think we are all morons? He tries to talk to unchaperoned females walking with children and expects them to answer. Doesn’t he realize the consequences one of these women would face if their husband saw them talking to a unrelated male? Why did he not show one shot of an attempt to talk to some males?

    His unsupported claims of Medicaid and welfare fraud are supposed to convince us that this is a way of life in Detroit? Detroit is one of the poorest, rundown cities in the U.S. It looks like a war zone, and no one wants to live there, except Muslims maybe. They are doing the same thing almost any ethnic group moving to the U.S. does. They find a poor rundown area, work hard, open businesses, buy homes and make it their own.

    When the Chinese did it, we call it Chinatown, and treat it as a tourist and recreation area. The Japanese were the most brutal, sadistic people we ever faced. Almost everyone has forgotten the atrocities our soldiers suffered at their hands. Somehow they now live among us and are held in esteem.

    I know your intent is to spur a reaction and discussion. I am just alarmed that anyone watching that video could believe this representation is reality. It’s a neighborhood. They do not want to move in next to any one of us. It’s a prime example of segregation being portrayed as integration.

    Whew! I need a nap.


  4. Felipe,

    I came away from watching the video with mixed emotions. Generally speaking, I have no problem with immigrants who are of the Muslim faith. Nor do I have a problem with them wanting to retain their customs and belief system. What I do have a problem with is, just like I would with any other immigrant population, is violating our laws, committing welfare fraud, and refusing to learn English. I also have a big problem with them expecting us to allow them to put aside our own rule of law in favor of their sharia law.

    People can live peaceably together if there is give/take on both sides. However, no immigrant group should feel entitled to insist on wholesale changes from their new country. That, of course, includes estadounidenses who immigrate to Mexico;-)

    I hope that I am able to fully embrace all things Mexican when I move there in a couple years!



    1. Troy: Sounds like we agree on this. By the way, Trump has never opposed Muslim (or Mohammedan, as I prefer to call them) immigration. What he opposes is free-wheeling immigration from specific nations that have a history of terrorism. He wants to give people from those areas extra scrutiny, which is sensible. Leftists try to spin this otherwise.

      He doesn’t even oppose immigration from Mexico. He sensibly opposes people sneaking into the country via tunnels and creeping across the desert. That is criminality, not “immigration.”

      Yes, people can live in harmony if there is give/take on both sides. The video, however, shows there is no give/take by many Muslim immigrants. Most Americans are naive in their view that people everywhere share basic beliefs such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, live and let live, etc. Fact is that people from some areas of the Middle East believe none of those things, and are never going to believe those things. They believe their worldview should be obligatory. Or else.

      By the way, you will not be able to embrace all things Mexican when you move here. Some things Mexican will make your head spin. But the pluses outweigh the minuses. Come on down.


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