Two party gals

PICTURES ARE worth thousands of words.

On the left is Rosa DeLauro, a U.S. representative from Connecticut.* Can you guess which party she belongs to?

On the right is Tomi Lahren. She is not a politician. She is a well-known television political commentator. Can you guess which party she belongs to?

DeLauro came to my attention yesterday due to a speech she made Friday during the debate on the ObamaCare replacement. Here is a short excerpt of her rant.

The ObamaCare replacement, something abysmal from Paul Ryan, was pulled at the last moment, thank God, but that’s not the theme of today’s post.

The theme is that these photos illustrate beautifully — literally in Lahren’s case — the difference between today’s Republican and Democrat parties.

Tip of the sombrero to The Gateway Pundit for bringing this to my attention.

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* Click on DeLauro’s photo to get the full impact, to see her in all her wacky splendor. She’s 73 years old, the Woodstock Generation! She could strut the streets of San Miguel de Allende, and no one would even notice.

29 thoughts on “Two party gals

  1. All the world is a circus right now for us to enjoy. From politics to Hollywood to fake news. Sometimes to remove ourselves from all the above and just kick back and relax and reflect on the days ahead is the answer.


    1. Karlos: This silly old woman personifies much of what is wrong with the American left. It is populated with naive, childish people who’ve been fortunate enough to have been born in the United States. They have never faced an existential threat to their well-being, something that most societies have faced at one time or another down through the dark passages of human history. And these people know nothing of history. They know nothing of how fortunate they are, how lucky their lives have been. The issue of political correctness, which only the left really embraces, stems from know-nothingness, a childish worldview of how things should be in a Kumbaya universe.

      Alas, there are now millions of these people in the United States, congregated primarily on the coasts. It is the Electoral College that, to a great degree, protects the rest of the nation from them and their ignorance.

      Laughably, DeLauro, who rants against “rich people,” represents Connecticut, the state that has one of the highest, if not the highest, per capita income levels in America. It’s rich people who keep her in office.

      The only poor people in Connecticut are the maids and gardeners who are illegal aliens.


      1. Actually, except for the rather stunning wealth of the part of Connecticut that’s basically metropolitan New York City, Connecticut is a fairly hardscrabble state that has more in common with the rust belt than it does with its own southern part. Manufacturing there has been devastated by automation and offshoring, and the remains of the insurance industry has also been mostly taken over by various forms of automation and outsourcing too.

        That said, based on her appearance she probably represents a district in Southern Connecticut.


    1. Brent: Neither had I heard of DeLauro, but I am well and happily acquainted with Tomi Lahren. I see the Esquire article is typically snotty due to being, as most media are, left-wing. Tomi is great, a breath of youthful, fresh air. She’d been the best thing going on Glenn Beck’s otherwise lame, media network, The Blaze, for quite a while till just recently when she announced her beliefs on the abortion issue were not in lockstep with the usual conservative stance. She’s pro-choice. Beck sent her packing. Lahren says that conservatives support minimal government interference in private lives, and so pro-choice should be the conservative approach. She makes sense.

      But fret not. She’ll find another outlet posthaste. Count on it. Watch some of her stuff on YouTube. She’s a hoot. I love her.


  2. So, is your main point here that female Democrats are all ‘silly old women’ and female Republicans are all really pretty Barbie dolls whom you like to look at and drool over? I know it’s your blog – but, really?


    1. Loulou! Now where you been all this time? No, that’s not my main point. My point is that people who vote the Democrat/Leftist line are in grievous error, and that people who vote for Truth, Justice and the (old-style) American Way are doing the right thing.

      And often leftists (of any age, but the older ones are worse) look downright silly and conservatives (especially the womenfolk) are often pretty.


      1. We old lady Democrats may look downright silly but we do have our fun. Maureen Dowd wrote an open letter to the big orange Cheeto in Washington in this morning’s NY Times. You should read it — it’s pretty entertaining.


        1. Loulou: Dowd and the NY Times, that’s quite a lefty combo. I can only imagine what she wrote. I’ll try to take a look. I do not subscribe to the Times, and they usually will not let me read their yarns.

          By the way, your president is a blond. He’s ain’t orange. He’s no more orange than Barry Obama is black.


          1. You can read the NYT online as much as you want. When you get to the paywall, just delete all your cookies from them and then the clock is reset.


      2. For all its flaws, Obamacare did something for this country that needed doing. But see my post below. The real work has yet to even be mentioned, never mind debated, nor (gasp!) undertaken.

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    2. Loulou, all seriousness aside. Obviously, the woman on the left could not be a Republican and, equally obviously, the babe on the right could not be a Democrat/Leftist. It’s as clear as the noses on our faces, ¿no?


      1. I should probably go and google a bunch of photos of gorgeous female Democrats and plainer looking Republicans but I’ve got something on the stove. I’ll just leave you with two words – mitch mcconnell. 🙂


  3. A pox on both their houses!!! Clearly there are problems with Obamacare, but it looks like Ryancare was nothing more than a sop to the insurance industry.

    The real problem, which both sides assiduously avoid discussing, is that US healthcare is simply too expensive. We spend 17% of a very high per capita GDP on healthcare. The OECD average (of countries with lower GDP per capita) is a spend of 10% of GDP per capita on healthcare. Countries with well-functioning systems like Germany or France, manage single-digit percentages of GDP on healthcare.

    If the USA could simply get healthcare costs down to the OECD average, we’d all enjoy a 40% savings right there. But getting our cost level down there would require annoying the “swamp.” It’d require getting lawsuit-happy lawyers out of healthcare. It’d require stopping the AMA from restricting the supply of doctors. It’d require a big expansion in the use of mid-level providers. It’d require stopping long-odds but expensive treatments. It’d require the government to negotiate drug prices. And it’d require everyone to do cost/benefit analyses on new, expensive drugs with slight benefits vs old, cheap drugs. It would also require some real incentives for people to stop swilling corn-syrup laden carbonated poison, and to eat some real food and get some real exercise.

    In short, it would require annoying every single campaign donor vested interest out there. And that would require some political courage to actually work on behalf of the people of this country, not working for the special interests.

    Sadly, it would appear that ain’t gonna happen. Meanwhile, Obamacare is far better than the pathetic Obamacare-lite that the pathetic Republicans tried to pull over on us.

    How about some real reform, chumps?

    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where this whole so-called “debate” has us in high dudgeon.

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    1. In short, we have the most outrageously expensive healthcare system in the history of the world. It needs reform from A to Z.


      1. Andrés: How right you are. It’s ridiculous, a scandal.

        But what is this “we”? Are you planning to participate in the Gringo system anymore? Me either. Mexico has a far superior healthcare system.


  4. Damn, I should never have clicked on the picture of DeLauro. She looks like Keith Richards in drag. No, I didn’t have any problems guessing DeLauro’s party affiliation based on the way she is dressed.


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