Grading The Donald

HERE’S HOW I see Trump’s work so far:

  1. Healthcare reform. Grade of D.  Going along with Paul Ryan’s dusting off his crappy, old proposal was a rookie move. Back to the drawing board, Don. Jeez.
  2. Muslim Brotherhood. Grade of F.  Going wishy-washy on the terrorist designation is ridiculous and dangerous. I mean, really. They’re Mohammedans.
  3. Pipelines. Grade of A+.  Opening the Dakota and Keystone pipelines is great. Jobs. Energy. What’s not to like?
  4. Israel. Grade of A+.  Supporting the sole democracy in the Middle East, a place where women walk free, unmasked and heavily armed is the proverbial no-brainer, just the opposite of Weepy Barry’s abominable stance.
  5. Supreme Court. Grade of A+.  Nomination of Neil Gorsuch is excellent. May other nominations be of equal caliber.
  6. Terrorist nations. Grade of A.  Beefing up security regarding visitors from known terror nations is common sense. That hippie judges are blocking it is absurd.
  7. Border wall. Grade of A.  He’ll get an A+ when the wall is complete. All nations should protect their borders.
  8. Federal regulations. Grade of A+.  Trump has ordered that for every new federal regulation, two existing ones must be eliminated. It’s difficult to praise this too much.
  9. Hiring freeze. Grade of A+.  Trump has put a freeze on hiring new civilian federal employees. There are some exceptions. This will slow governmental bloat.
  10. Blocking Hillary. Grade of double-A+.  Keeping the Clintons from returning to the White House may be Trump’s greatest accomplishment of all.

Bonus grade

11. Shock value. Triple-A-Plus.  The Trump presidency has leftists in a state of perpetual horror. You can hardly put a high enough value on that. We’ve never seen their favored epithets of racist and sexist regurgitated so frequently.

Fun times!

38 thoughts on “Grading The Donald

  1. Trump is the first president since Reagan with a definite agenda to put America back on course. I didn’t vote for him and I don’t like him. (I didn’t vote for HRC either). He’s a bully, narcissist, and has all the tact of a grizzly bear in heat. But damn he’s doing a fantastic job. Even FDR hit some stumbling blocks in the first 100 days.


    1. Carlos: Trump is a bully, a narcissist, tactless as a bear in heat. You don’t like him. You did not vote for him. And yet he’s doing “a fantastic job.” Color me confused. Sounds like you are confused too.


  2. Negatory, señor. Just because someone is going a fantastic job doesn’t mean you have to like him. Examples of that are all over the sports world. Trump has some character flaws, but somehow that doesn’t seem too important right now.

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    1. Carlos: As for Trump’s narcissism, I think that anyone who gets into politics has a high level of narcissism. It’s always been that way. Sort of a job requirement.

      Apologies to Steve Cotton.


  3. You forgot to mention that he’d like to keep us out of WWIII with the Russians. I thought that was a positive point in his favor myself.

    He’s also a master of diversion. He managed to take ALL the heat off of Jeff Sessions via a single tweet about being bugged/wiretapped/surveiled by Obama in his final days. Brilliant move!

    I also think he’s in the process of enraging the Democrats so much over trivial stuff like fake “collusion” with the Russians, that by the time there’s real stuff to complain about, no one will listen to them. (Like any Putin agent would propose increasing the US defense budget by more than the entire annual Russian military spend, or propose upgrading America’s nuclear weapons. Yup, that’s definitely the work of a Russian stooge, but I digress.)

    And if nothing else, he has made political theater great again already.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where the nightly mainstream news my mother watches now has me guffawing regularly.

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    1. P.S. I did some research on Gorsuch, and he seems like quite a moderate to me. And the only objections I have found to him are absurdities like what happened to Merrick Garland. I agree that Garland should have been put through the regular vetting process, but that has nothing to do with Gorsuch.

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      1. Kim: Lots, likely most, Democrats oppose Gorsuch for the simple reason that he was nominated by Trump. Had Trump nominated Mother Teresa, the Democrats would have opposed her.


        1. He should have nominated Nancy Pelosi. That would have caused Democrat heads to explode, not to mention Republican ones. And all thoughts of Russia hacking/bugging/wiretapping/influencing/tampering would have been promptly forgotten.

          Of course she never would have gotten out of committee. But by then, he’d have gotten tax reform done, the wall built, and lots of other things done while everyone else was busy fulminating.


  4. I agree with your synopsis. However I’d have to give him a better mark for the healthcare fail. You can’t say he didn’t try and now there’s no question that the Democrats own Obamacare which will blow up in the near future. I’m totally impressed with The Donald. He’s not a quitter and works 16 hour days. He’s always about three steps ahead of the Demsthatcant party which is in total disarray. Pelosi, Schiff, Shumer, McCain, Graham and other Democrats are sounding unhinged. I have never had this much fun following an American election and the aftermath. I sincerely hope Donald can deliver. Perhaps when he’s finished he can come up to Canada and drain our swamp 🙂

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    1. Brent: McCain will be surprised to learn you have made a Democrat out of him. Well, sometimes he does act like one.

      Yes, watching the Trump Administration never fails to amuse. We are of one mind. I doubt, however, he much cares about Canada. You guys are on your own.


      1. Yes I guess it is a bit of an insult to lump McCain with the democrats but I’m not bothered by it. As for being Canadian it’s a burden I must carry. Actually my father is an American but I haven’t discovered his identity yet. Adopted at birth. Conceived in Hawaii ’55. Discovered my birth mother a year ago. Thank you google 🙂


        1. Brent: We have a nephew who just turned 14, the son of my wife’s favorite sister. He is adopted, and he just started asking lots of questions about it, which he had not done previously. He’s known for a good many years that he was adopted. He was born only about a 15-minute drive up the highway in a small town. Of course, his parents are still there. Mexicans don’t move around much. He likely has a number of brothers and sisters too.

          In other words, stay tuned.


          1. I am not too sure I like this idea of “finding your roots.” I have two adopted grandchildren. One has a bio mother we met when we went to Taiwan, and a bio dad, who we also met, though we didn’t know it at the time.They gave up our grandson and kept the dog.

            Those people are the sperm donors, but they are not the parents. My granddaughter was found in a box, in a market. She had a heart problem and was left to die. Should she really go look for those people with whom she has no connection except for DNA? And, what about the people who raised you? They are your real parents.

            The ones who paid the bills, educated, loved, fed, clothed and took care of you. Are they not more important than DNA? Also, I think this idea that you can find someone through DNA means that women will be less likely to choose adoption, if a pregnancy that was deemed a mistake might come back to haunt her.

            Why risk that? Just have an abortion. I also have issues with just anyone being able to access your private information on those stupid genealogy sites. Let’s say you and I are related and you put all your family tree info online, because you want to connect with the world at large, but I, your sister, do not want anyone to know who I am. I don’t get the option to opt out of your search for random kinfolk. I hate this invasion of privacy. Just live your life and respect the people who gave you home and food and quit obsessing about who shares your DNA.


            1. Bonnie: Your folks are the ones who raised you, true. But I understand the curiosity some adopted people feel. As the old saying goes, it’s complicated.

              Sounds like your grandchildren hit the jackpot with your family.


        2. To all you Trumpistas, wherever you are, heed my words: The Russia investigation(s) have legs.


          1. You are right. “Obama administration official Evelyn Farkas (Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense) appearing on MSNBC and admitting first hand knowledge the Obama administration spied on candidate and president-elect Donald Trump’s transition team to gather “intelligence” for political use.” Oops, you didn’t mean those legs, did you?

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  5. Another categories:

    Protection of the ozone layer: D- Keeping that orange crow’s nest on his head from going haywire must take a gallon of hairspray every day. Expect the hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole to open up again and penguins to die from sunburn by the millions.

    War everlasting, Amen: A+ With 1.6 billion Mohammedans scattered around the world, a ten percent increase in the defense is hardly going to cover the cost of pissing them all off. Better make that a fifty percent increase for the military. We can cover the cost by abolishing Social Security and Medicare, and sending geezers like Felipe and me off to the front to fight those darned infidels, instead of sitting on our asses writing blogs.

    Honesty, mental stability: F- C’mon. Trump makes Tricky Dick look like an exemplar of mental health. And Diogenes could wander around the White House with his lantern 24/7 forever without bumping into an honest man.

    Entertainment value: B+ With the Ringling Bros. circus calling it quits, Trump is filling the vacuum nicely. Hell, White House press conferences suddenly are so entertaining and goofy they’re getting better ratings than soaps (true). CSPAN never had it so good. All we need now is someone to give Spicer a red clown’s nose and we’ll be all set.

    Terrorist nations: Hey, Felipe, not so quick with your A grades. Trump forgot Saudi Arabia and its loony Wahhabi hordes, who brought us 9/11 and bin Laden, and are subsidizing madrasas all over the world. Not sure about the curriculum at those schools, but I doubt “Make America Great” is part of it. Like women wrapped up tight in black sheets? Saudis got millions of those.

    Glad I quit drinking thirty years ago or I’d be a mess now.

    Going off to work on the garden. You do the same, Felipe.


    1. Señor Lanier: As you so aptly demonstrated, there are lots of additional things we can say about The Donald. My list was a relatively brief one. It came off the top of my privileged, white head this morning after I saw the item about the Muslim Brotherhood. Ticked me off, big-time.

      As for Saudi Arabia, it’s a sandy bunch of dangerous nut-jobs, but they have so much freaking petroleum. Gotta tread lightly with them for the time being.

      And — ahem! — the top of Trump’s head is not orange. He is simply a blond. I will admit the haircut is ridiculous.

      Glad I quit drinking 20 years ago. Just because.


    2. Alfredo:
      Ozone is not at issue. That problem is now on auto-pilot toward repair, and the ozone hole continues to shrink.

      Global warming, on the other hand, is a problem. I think. And Trump is definitely a problem there. I wish we’d do something about it. But realistically, there’s no way that under the Paris Accord we are, as a species, going to stop using petroleum by 2030. Simply wasn’t going to happen. I fear global warming, but I suspect there’s nothing that can be done now.

      As for Muslims, appeasement of the radical sort won’t work. While I think it’s ridiculous to spend an additional $50 billion on the military, I note that no one in the mainstream media has even attempted to connect the dots on that one. If Trump is a Russian stooge, then why is he proposing a spending increase that’s more than the entire Russian military budget? And why is he proposing modernizing America’s nuclear arsenal? Neither of those things particularly fits with the Russian stooge meme.

      As for the whole “honesty/mental stability/entertainment” factor, when is the left, never mind the rest of the world, going to figure out that this is merely a Trump tactic that works every single time? Why would he stop doing it? It serves his interests perfectly. The “Obama wiretapped me” tweet took ALL the heat off of Sessions so he could get to work. How is that a failure? Go read Scott Adams’ blog for a detailed explanation. (

      I agree with you about Saudi Arabia, though they are holding together the petrodollar system which benefits the USA tremendously. But the 9/11 lawsuits are eventually going to kill them. Meanwhile, the low oil price is doing the same thing. Couldn’t happen to a nastier bunch of clueless autocrats.

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  6. Felipe: Forgive my copy editing errors, eh? Copy editing was never my strong point at the Chicago Tribune.


    1. Señor Lanier: You big wigs on editorial boards never could write too well. I correct mistakes relentlessly in comments here, not for content, just punctuation and spelling. I make everybody look good. I miss things on occasion, however. Nobody is perfect. I follow the old AP Stylebook. The old one, not the PC-infested rag they now use. God knows it’s a good thing I’m no longer in that business. I would have gone postal years ago.

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  7. While Trump was not my first, second or even third choice for our party’s nomination, he got it. I support his efforts.

    Yes, it is easy to portray him as a buffoon and call him a Cheeto, but I don’t care. He at least acknowledged the problems facing our country. He is attempting to deal with them.

    The Democrats, on the other hand, saw the situation as being just fine. I guess if their constituency is made up of welfare and food stamp people they may see it as being just fine. But half the people in this country are not paying income taxes. They say they are, but then they file and get everything back. Some even get the earned income credit.

    Eventually, the parasites will kill the host, and then we all will be screwed. The income tax is a good revenue tool, but we need income to make it work. A depression cannot be lied away. National debt cannot be mocked away. The Democrats are great at snide remarks and sniping, but we need answers that will work. Promoting war with the Russians is absolutely insane.

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    1. Señor Gill: I remain a Ted Cruz fan. I think he would be doing pretty much exactly what Trump is doing but with less silliness. But we — or rather you — got Trump, and now I’m a fan.


      1. Ted Cruz is too much of a religious nut. And the fact that both sides of the aisle hated him means we’d have had 4 years of nothing getting done. It’s too late for that. There’s urgent business to be done.


            1. Kim: Ted’s very strong religious beliefs do not bother me in the slightest. I hope he will rise from the ashes. Perhaps into the Oval Office one day.

              Now hit the hay. That’s where I’m off to.


  8. Felipe: you have to read Scott Adams’ blog today. ( He explains that the failure of Ryancare was a massive win in that it has now finally killed the Trump-as-Hitler meme, which he (and I agree) was a big problem. Adams has had the best call on Trump for a year now, so it pays to read him.

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  9. I’m suffering from a bad case of political fatigue exacerbated by the fear-mongering, DNC-controlled media. Every day I am a little happier that I live in Mexico.


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