Border wall

This is today, April 5, 2017.

I AM BIG on border walls. We have one here at the Hacienda. It separates us from the sex motel next door.

Walls create happy neighbors.

Stepping out to the terraza this morning — it was 48 degrees! — I snapped this photo to illustrate the difference between the two worlds of Hacienda and, well, you know.

When the motel was constructed almost a decade ago, I had this section of wall raised about a foot so folks in the motel rooms could not peer directly into our yard.

But we still can peer directly into their rooms.

You’re also looking at our two border guards, which are yuge!* The nopal and the bougainvillea, both of which I planted when they were little pups out of pots.

The sex motel manager recently asked if I would mind if they cut the bougainvillea on their side of the wall. I cannot imagine why they would want to do that. It’s quite pretty.

I replied yes. What they do on their side of the wall is their own business, not mine.

What I am particularly pleased about this morning is the temperature of 48 degrees Fahrenheit.

It makes me happy to be alive.

That and other factors too, of course. Like the V-formation of white egrets that just flew overhead.

* * * *

* Tip of the sombrero to the Blond Bomber in the Oval Office for adding this spelling variation to the language.

5 thoughts on “Border wall

    1. Angeline: Funny you should notice that. They are TV cables, both past and present. Ours, not the motel’s. The wall is ours, built before the motel arrived. They should have built their own wall, side by side, but they did not. They lost points for that little bit of cheapness.


  1. Unhappiness and confusion reign about THE wall. Property owners on the border line say the wall will divide their bits of ground between Mexico and the US. Seems that if the boundary is through their property, it would already be divided. From an article in a rag called The Root.


    1. Carole: Walls are great things regardless of whether one is separating me from the sex motel, separating the United States from Mexico, separating Mexico from Guatemala and the rest of Central America, etc., etc.

      If you want to protect your identity, you have to have walls of one sort or another.

      I had never heard of The Root. I see it’s a “magazine” aimed at black folks.


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