The doggie dance

ELEANOR POWELL was Glenn Ford’s first wife, the mother of his only child. Fred Astaire said she was the best dancer in Hollywood, and that included him too.

This is worth watching. She even turns into a gymnast toward the finale. Four minutes of your time well-spent.

The clip is from the 1941 movie Lady Be Good, and Powell was 29 years old. Glenn Ford was a fool to let her get away.

7 thoughts on “The doggie dance

  1. Great way to start my day. Florida Sunshine, palm trees and a doggie dance. That dog looks a lot like our Jackie. Wonder if I can teach her to dance. Have a great week.

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  2. Back in the ’40s and ’50s most ‘Stars” could sing and dance and have other talents. Some of today’s stars couldn’t keep up with the likes of Ms. Eleanore. Thank you for putting a click in my step and a tune in my head this morning.

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    1. Angeline: How right you are. I happened upon this video while scrolling through YouTube. I was watching something to do with Glenn Ford, not Eleanor Powell whom I had never heard of. Learned some stuff about Ford that I did not know. He was born in Canada and, at one point, was the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. That really surprised me because I never considered him to be all that big a deal. He was also a real sumbitch, which is why Powell finally divorced him. She never remarried. He went on to marry many times, often to women far, far younger than he was.

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